Milk Bead and Pendant, Experimenting Part 2

My original post on all of my tests and trials experimenting with creating jewelry from breastmilk can be found here. I’ll be honest, it’s quite a mess to sift through all of that information I dumped there! But it is worthwhile to know someone elses failures so you might be able to have better success. […]

The short life of little bird.

The house stirred to life. We all met in the kitchen for coffee and cereal. Cocoa puffs, if you please, for my daughters. Strong coffee, if you please, for my husband and me. I looked out the patio door to see a small bird resting on our outside table. I had Sam walk out to […]

Jules Birth Story

  Around 5:00pm, it hit me. I’m having my third baby tomorrow. Nerves, excitement, worry, and elation flooded me at once and I felt overwhelmed. I had a quick appointment at Dr. Martin’s office just to confirm surgery tomorrow and check babys heartrate (130s). I drove back home to meet the family at the park. […]

Blooming Quilt

I came across a Bloomin’ QAYG (Quilt As You Go) tutorial a few months ago and I knew I wanted to try my hand at sewing something similar! Here is a picture I pulled from the tutorial site from heyletsmakestuff (all credit to her for the photo!) Just wanted to show you what inspired my […]

The flower I didn’t get.

Our front yard is very large and very weedy. We have a lot of clovers and dandelions. My daughter, three and a half years old and one to stop to smell the roses, likes to pick clover blossoms or dandelions for me when we trek from the car to the front porch. I’ve started a […]