Comparing Lipsticks for Cool Skin Tone

I adore red lipstick. Red lipstick doesn’t adore me, however. Maybe I just haven’t found the right shade. I tend to want to wear bright hot red shades on my lips but am always disappointed that the effect is less than grand. I look washed out! I look a bit too done-up. My stash of […]

Creating Sunshine

My husband and I will celebrate our tenth year of marriage in 2016. For the past 5 years I have told him that I want a big celebration for our tenth anniversary. We booked a cruise for late 2016. Just the two of us. My dear friend will be watching our girls for us. I […]


      I’ve been busy. Busy creating art. Well into the night by the soft glow of my Ikea Lamp. Sitting on my neon purple stability ball. Table at a slight angle. I truly love to create. Just wanted to share. My table is set up on the side wall of our house next […]

Room in my heart and home.

I guess it’s all how you perceive it. Your perspective. To one person, the fine line he or she is walking is a tight rope raised high above the earth. To another person, it might be a plank three feet wide an inch from the ground. I guess it’s all about perspective. My first daughter, […]

Nine Years

Nine years. Nine long years. Nine short years. My husband Sam and I celebrate our ninth wedding anniversary tomorrow. What do I have to say after nine years of marriage? 1. I love him more than I did the day we exchanged vows. 2. We still maintain several habits we established together. 3. It wasn’t […]

Wanting to be needed.

My two and a half year old daughter still takes naps. Boy, I am so thankful for that. The time of day that she takes her naps determines the mood of everyone else in the house. Earlier nap = stressed mommy. That’s a 7-9 hour chunk of time with no time for me to think […]

Is hitting a child someone else’s business?

There I was, tense and tight from a long day with my toddler and 4 month old. I had just finished practicing my cello and was about to clean up the floor for the–what, sixth or seventh time today. My dear husband rescued me from the monotony and told me to get out of the […]