Jules Birth Story



Around 5:00pm, it hit me. I’m having my third baby tomorrow.
Nerves, excitement, worry, and elation flooded me at once and I felt overwhelmed.
I had a quick appointment at Dr. Martin’s office just to confirm surgery tomorrow and check babys heartrate (130s). I drove back home to meet the family at the park.
Seeing the girls running around with joy and wonder in their eyes was a great way to help calm my nerves.

The night got easier. We ate dinner with grandma/grandpa Weaver, gave bubble baths, and put the girls down for sleep. They went to bed right away.

We played canasta together until about 11pm. I love canasta.

Amazingly, I was able to sleep the whole night.

Today I get to meet my baby!

I woke to see dawn seeping through my blinds. Light illuminated the room and shone light upon my sleeping husband and Penny, my almost two year old daughter sleeping in the bed between us. The evening before was spent in anxious worry as I wondered if everything would be okay, if everything would go smooth. I had read and reread my birth story from my planned c-section with Penny and my surprise c-section with Daphne. It did me good to go over the details again and remind myself what to expect.

I got out of bed around 6 and made bacon for Sam for breakfast and cereal for the girls. Soon the house was awake, Sam’s parents, my daughters, and Sam. They ate while I continued my fast from food and liquid from the night prior. We played and talked for a few hours until it was time to load the car with our hospital bag. We left for Trident at 10am. Check in was at 1030.

The drive to the hospital was easy, just up the road. No traffic.

We checked into registration with Wendy who was very helpful and cheery. She was excited for us that we were waiting until birth to find the sex of the baby.

We took our paperwork upstairs at 11 when we were done checking in. Labor and Delivery on the 2nd floor. We settled into L&D room 3. I changed into a green hospital gown and got hooked up to the NST heart rate / contraction machine. Baby was hiding in the back and high up so it was hard to get a heart beat!

Desiree was my nurse who did my IV line and prepped me for surgery. She got the IV line in without a hitch. I was so thankful because that was one of the major things I was worried about!

She gave me fluids while Sam and I joked and chit chatted. Sherri came in to discuss how she’d be taking care of baby after surgery. Around 1215 I was starting to get a little worried. My c-section was planned for 1230 and I hadn’t seen any sign of my doctor or the anesthesiologist. No sooner had I spoke did Desiree come back in with her full OR garb and the anesthesiologists nurse came to talk about the procedure and my past experiences. Dr. Martin came in at 1225 and said “We have a date today, don’t we?!” and said he’d meet me back in the OR in a few minutes.

Sure enough, at 1230 I walked back to the OR down the hall. The anesthesiologist was wonderful—he explained everything step by step as he was doing it and I found that to be so helpful and relaxing. No guessing there! He got the needle in my back just fine and it didn’t feel like more than a small pinch on my spine. I could feel my bottom and legs getting warm. From there, three nurses helped me lay back on to the table. They put the drape up and the anesthesiologists nurse gave me oxygen. Dr. Martin came in and greeted me. He checked to make sure I was numb and then he began!

The oxygen made me a little dizzy, but it was manageable. Sam came in and sat by my head. All morning he was so excited and giddy. He usually isn’t that excitable but man, he was so excited today!

He held my head with his cold hands and that felt nice. We talked and joked. I felt excited and nervous—boy or girl? The nursing staff were excited for us to find out too. I felt a lot of tugging and pressure for a minute or two while they were pulling baby out. Dr. Martin said “Almost here!”

Soon, I heard a cry and a release of pressure from the nurses pressing on my tummy helping baby being born, and Sam and I smiled big. No one said if it was a boy or girl! Dr. Martin said “Congratulations! Aww!” and a nurse spoke up saying we didn’t know what it was. He said “You don’t? Well come on up and see for yourself daddy!” Sam stood up and took a few pictures and laughed while saying “It’s another girl!” Tears came to my eyes. How wonderful! I was a bit relieved, to be honest!

Baby was whisked away to be weighed and cleaned. 7lbs 8oz. Healthy and strong! She didn’t cry much at all. While the staff began to sew me up again, I was alone for a long period of time, maybe 5-10 minutes. I remember how alone I felt and wished someone would have come talked to me or let me see baby. Finally, Dr. Martin spoke up and said “Momma wants to do skin to skin time please!” And baby was brought over to me. We were able to bond for about 5-10 minutes. It was wonderful! Sam and baby left for recovery while I was finished being closed up and cleaned up. The nurses transferred me to a bed and wheeled me into recovery. Baby and I tried to nurse and she latched on right away. I was a little nauseated from surgery and couldn’t turn my head.

We recovered all afternoon. My night nurse was very kind and helpful. She was attentive through the night and she got me up walking at 6am. It was SO nice to get out of bed and get moving. I don’t have much pain other than a little gas pain in my abdomen and shoulder area. We had kind of settled on the name Hollis for a girl before birth. Now we are thinking along the lines of Louise, Trinity, Maylene, or Lucy. After a day and a half of snuggling and back and forth debating, we settled on Juliet Jane, Jules for short.

She has been able to nurse and she’s growing stronger and more alert each day. My recovery has been really good! Overall, I’m very happy with my third c-section experience. Jules is such a gentle and alert little girl. She has made it easy to take care of her! Everyone has been so helpful here at the hospital. All the nursing staff, the doctors, and staff have been truly wonderful.

Welcome to the world, Jules!



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