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I’ve been busy. Busy creating art.
Well into the night by the soft glow of my Ikea Lamp.
Sitting on my neon purple stability ball.
Table at a slight angle.
I truly love to create. Just wanted to share.

My table is set up on the side wall of our house next to the couch. My girls play in the mini kitchen set nearby as I draw my lines throughout the day. Sometimes, Daphne will even help!

I’ve devoted myself to my art and am turning it into a business. I’ve put myself out there and been accepted into four vendor events, including a ginormous festival in April 2016, The Summerville Flowertown Festival! Over 200,000 people come in and out of the festival over a three day weekend and I am ecstatic to be able to offer my art there!

My first event was a few weeks ago. It was a small event, but I learned so much. I learned that conversation will flow naturally from customer to vendor and that it doesn’t have to be forced. I learned that people like free things. I learned that it is never a bad thing to smile and wish people a happy day. I learned that it pays off to be overly prepared. I learned that my art is something I am proud to share with people, and that they received it well.

Thank you for your support!

You can find me on Facebook or on Etsy!




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