Week 36 Stats (Baby 2.0)

How Far Along: 36 weeks.
First pregnancy’s post from within this week!

Baby size and random info: (thanks to Alpha Mom)

Your Baby:

  • Is six pounds. SIX. POUNDS. You probably have clothes in your house that already fit a six-pound baby.
  • Is still not fully cooked yet, even though MOST babies born at this point will do just fine. But the lungs are better off with a couple more weeks of maturity.
  • The size of your baby will start displacing amniotic fluid over the final few weeks. As the fluid gets reabsorbed into your body, you may notice that your baby’s movements feel “different.” You might not feel as many kicks as you used to, or the sensations are just…well, “different.” It’s mostly because of the cramped quarters in there and less fluid.


  • Are not done yet. I am sorry.
  • Have gained 25 to 30 pounds, according to the books, which also say that it’s “not unusual” for your weight to remain unchanged between weekly OB appointments. Say it with me: SHUT UP, BOOKS.

Symptoms: I toss and turn at night. My hip pain has gone away when I sleep. My heartburn is managed and I don’t struggle with it much anymore. I’ve been having some issues with my heart racing and becoming dizzy/lightheaded. I take it easy when that happens. It only happens for a minute or so. I feel like I can’t get enough sleep. Been having knee pain (with the extra weight I’ve gained). No swelling! YAY!!

How I’m feeling: Feeling excited and ready for baby. Also feeling thankful that Sam is going to be able to spend a lot of time with us over the next few weeks. He works half days and is off a full week as well. YAY! I’m feeling pretty positive. I feel spunky and energetic most of the time, but could always use more sleep.

Week’s highlights: Finished reading The Walking Dead (1st compendium), cleaned house a bit, and started my hospital bag.

Boy or Girl? Girl

Cravings: Healthy foods. I stay away from pasta and tomato based things, as usual. Been craving sweets lately, which isn’t a good thing!

Worries/Concerns: Staying hydrated!

Goals and to what I look forward: Only 3 more weeks. I can’t believe it!! Looking forward to doing some drawing.


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