Week 31 Stats (Baby 2.0)

How Far Along: 31 weeks.
First pregnancy’s post from within this week!

Baby size and random info: (thanks to Alpha Mom)

Your Baby:

  • Blah blah blah 3.3 pounds, bag of oranges, sock full of nickels, etc.
  • Enjoys yawning, sucking his or her thumb, kicking mom in the diaphragm.
  • Turn-offs include: getting the hiccups, really loud noises and you trying to do all that boring “sleeping” at night.


  • Can totally round down your answer to “two months” when people ask you how much longer you have to go. DO NOT focus on the crazy week-to-month-ratio math at this point in pregnancy, particularly when there are breakable, smashy objects within reach.
  • May be weirdly and inexplicably congested all the time.
  • Can now play everybody’s favorite game, Guess The Body Part That’s Sticking Out Next To My Belly Button! Elbow or heel? Head or butt? Did I seriously just maybe feel my baby’s BIG TOE?

Symptoms: Heartburn has been maintained and is not really an issue (for now). I have trouble getting back to sleep if I wake up. I toss and turn at night and sleep on my sides, wedged between three pillows. Having trouble bending down to get things. Out of breath quicker than before. Tired! Belly growing bigger. Baby LOVES kicking and moving up into my ribs!

How I’m feeling: Meh. Tired. Daphne is a ball of energy ad I find myself struggling to keep up right now! I feel tired a lot of the time. Not as moody or apathetic as I did earlier this pregnancy.

Week’s highlights: Keeping up with my NaNoWriMo project (32,671 words out of 50,000!). Baby’s appointment went well and everything is on track. Went to a Military Spouse Appreciation gathering where volunteers handed out shoeboxes for children and spouses. Daphne had a good time talking to a 3 month old boy behind us. She did extremely well for sitting in a big group of people! The weather finally cooled off, so I’m thankful for that.

I won a contest! We received the prizes this week and Daphne has loved pushing the stroller around the house. She points to the box of other goodies and calls it “baby.”

Boy or Girl? Girl

Cravings: Orange juice. I’ve gotten a sweet tooth these past few days. Craving breadsticks from Olive Garden.

Worries/Concerns: Unfortunately, swelling in my ankles and feet has begun. Started yesterday. I’ve made it a point to not cross my legs, to stay super hydrated, and to move around a lot during the day. At night and evening time, I prop my feet up in hopes that it will help.

Goals and to what I look forward: Looking forward to baby coming! I’m just so stinkin’ excited to meet this little one. I know Daphne and Sam are too. Looking forward to our trip to Kansas. I love being able to attend our family Thanksgivings! I love Thanksgiving.


2 thoughts on “Week 31 Stats (Baby 2.0)

  1. Debbie Evert says:

    sounds like everything is going well in this pregnancy. Hooray! Wish I were going to Kansas for Thanksgiving. It would be great to see you and meet Miss Daphne. Look for a box in the mail this week.

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