27 Weeks Stats (Baby 2.0)




How Far Along: 27 weeks.
First pregnancy’s post from within this week!

Baby size and random info: (thanks to Alpha Mom)

Your Baby:

  • Hey! Remember when I told you your baby was as big as a gummy bear? Oh, about 19 or 20 weeks ago?
  • Now imagine a two-pound, 15-inch-long gummy bear. Yep.
  • Eyelids (which have been fused since 11 or 12 weeks) can now open and close.

Symptoms: Heartburn has been managed, thanks to some zantac. I’m actually able to sleep at night! Been having a little bit of pain in my belly, but I attribute that to a growing baby. I get easily worn out. I don’t know how many pounds I’ve gained since my last appointment. My face feels ragged and pore-y.

How I’m feeling: Emotionally I’m in a better place. I feel a bit more relaxed and upbeat. I feel tired most of the time and some mornings are harder than others to get Daphne going and set up with toys and books. I’m staying positive and getting excited to meet little one.

Week’s highlights: Baked banana bread (YUM), salted peanut bars (YUM YUM), and puppy chow (Triple YUM). I only at the banana bread though. The others are too sugary. We had a fire and game night. We drained the swimming pool and cleaned it out. Caught a baby frog in the house. Daphne petted a caterpillar. I’ve almost finished the Game of Thrones book set.

Boy or Girl? Girly girl girl

Cravings: Been wanting a root beer float. I wanted egg rolls but that dream was squashed by some bland egg rolls from the take-out place down the road. Bummer. Nothing sweet. Nothing spicy.

Worries/Concerns: Just hope to keep going to the gym and staying semi-fit. My emotional health depends on it. I’m hoping the swelling stays away.

Goals and to what I look forward: I have my glucose test in a week. I am hoping I get the same nurse I had last time to draw my blood, as it was the most painless and wonderful blood drawing experience I’ve had. I’d like to go to a pumpkin patch soon. Sam’s been sick, so we haven’t gotten to get out much.

Been drawing and doodling on my drafting table. Doing so calms me.


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