26 Weeks Stats (Baby 2.0)

How Far Along: 26 weeks.
First pregnancy’s post from within this week!

Baby size and random info: (thanks to Alpha Mom)

Your Baby:

  • Is almost two pounds. Celebrate this milestone with a two-pound box of chocolates. You know, in order to really get a good VISUAL.
  • Remember those early bubbly butterfly kicks? Yeah. Those have been replaced by something akin to a rabid mongoose flippin’ out inside a burlap sack.
  • If you DO occasionally feel smaller, rhythmic movements in your belly, it’s probably your baby hiccuping. Babies actually get hiccups from late in the first trimester on, but most women don’t pick on them the second trimester or later.
  • All five senses are fully developed. Whoa.

Symptoms: Heartburn like CRAZY. Had to go out and get some zantac. I was actually able to sleep last night heartburn-free. Whew! Been tired. I’ve been experiencing a little more energy. I’m better off emotionally since Sam is home from his work trip. I’ve been very choosy about what I eat. Most of the time food just makes me sick.

How I’m feeling: Feeling alright. Can’t believe we’re over 66% done! I’m hoping the weather will cool down soon so I can be more comfortable outside. Sam and I are both very excited!

Week’s highlights: Finished Gone Girl and saw the movie. Sam came home. I baked banana bread. Thought of a few more names for baby.

Boy or Girl? Pretty sure it’s a girl!

Cravings: No cravings lately. I steer clear of most sweets and tomato based items.

Worries/Concerns: Just anxiousness about the c-section. I always get nervous before surgeries of any sort.

Goals and to what I look forward: Looking forward to a short week and more time in the gym. I am so thankful that I’m able to stay active.


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