24 Weeks Stats (Baby 2.0)



How Far Along: 24 weeks.
First pregnancy’s post from within this week!

Baby size and random info: (thanks to Alpha Mom)

Your Baby:

  • Is just about a foot long now. I believe it is a tradition to consume a foot-long sub sandwich or hot dog in your baby’s honor at this point. I also believe I just made that up.
  • Is still very skinny looking, with translucent skin, but this will all start changing soon.
  • Is officially at the edge of viability, and most hospitals would automatically attempt every possible life-saving option if your baby were to be born now.

Symptoms: Swelling hasn’t been bad this week. I’ve tried to stay hydrated, limited my salt, and kept active. I’ve been feeling pretty sick this week with some sort of stomach bug. Paired with the nausea, I think I may have lost weight this week. I’ve been going to bed earlier and have been waking up in a better mood and more energized for the day.

Baby is active all throughout the day. She kicks and moves often! I feel like she kicks and moves more often than Daphne did. She especially likes kicking my bladder, the little goober.

How I’m feeling: This was an emotional week. Just…hard. Sam had gone away on training and I was lonely and sick. I’m still feeling sick but I’m thankful he’s home for a while. Feeling pretty good that we are getting the house organized and cleaned.

Week’s highlights: Daphne was sick all week and she’s finally getting over it. Yay! I made a few infinity scarves!! My tutorial for it was featured on Instructables. It’s the little things, ya know.

I watched Austenland and decided it was a cute movie. Love the humor in it!

Boy or Girl? Girl!

Cravings: Whew—I’ve been avoiding food as much as I can. This week I’ve survived on prenatals, pudding, yogurt, cereal, and chicken. I’ve just been feeling so icky I can’t eat anything else.

Worries/Concerns: Weight gain. Swelling. Staying hydrated.

Goals and to what I look forward: Looking forward to doing some major Christmas baking and decorating the house with popcorn strings. I visited JoAnns and smelled that lovely cinnamon smell that only means one thing: CINNAMON DIPPED PINECONES! In fact, we’ll be out and about today and we’ll pick some up.


2 thoughts on “24 Weeks Stats (Baby 2.0)

    1. laecen says:

      I don’t, though I should!! I imagine boiling them in a concentrated cinnamon water and letting them dry might do the trick–or even just sprinkling cinnamon essential oil on them!

      Oh man…the house smells divine. I leave the windows open and let the breeze roll over the pinecones. YAY!

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