Double Sided Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Mnn… I love cold weather. I especially love wearing fun scarves!

I was bored and looking for a simple and time friendly project. A double sided infinity scarf fit the bill.

This tutorial yields TWO double sided infinity scarves. Why not give one to a friend?!

***If you wanted to create one infinity scarf with only one print, you’d just need 2 yards of one fabric, you’d sew up up the open side, and close the loop.

If you wanted to create one double sided infinity scarf and not two, you could piece together scraps or just get 1 yard of each of the prints you want, cut it lengthwise, sew them together to make it 22×72 rather than 44×36, and then proceed. ***

Got half an hour, a sewing machine, fabric, and scissors? Yea? Let’s do this.

Materials needed:
–2 different fabrics, 2 yards of each. (I used the printed flannel that was on sale at Jo-Anns for $3 a yard. This means you’re making a scarf for $6 and half an hour of your time. Find fabric on sale! Try silks in summer)
–A sewing machine
–Sharp scissors or a Rotary Cutter and Mat
–Half an hour or less of your time


I’ve made a chart in addition to taking pictures of my process.  You’re welcome.

CHART: If you click on the picture, it’ll take you to IMGUR. Click on the picture again to see it larger.




Here is my 2 yards of fabric, smoothing out the edge.

Folding it so I can trim the fold line to make the 2 rectangles.

Getting ready to cut.

The cut edge. I now have two 22×72 inch rectangles.

The two rectangles.

The rectangles.

Here are the two fabrics I’ll be using for my scarf. I followed the same procedure to cut the red poppy fabric as I did with the blue one.

Lay the “right sides” or the decorated sides together and on the inside.

Getting ready to sew the long side.

I didn’t cut the selvage, as you can see.

I gave myself allowance to incorporate the selvage into the scarf.

A peek! Don’t worry if they don’t match up. We can trim later.

Sewing the other long side. Do not sew the short 22 inch sides yet.

Looking inside the loop!

Trimming the excess off the 22 inch side to make an even edge.


Turn it inside out!

Ooooh, pretty.

Match up one of the seams. This isn’t necessary but if you don’t, it may come out twisted and uneven. So.. yea.

I put one excess to the side and the other to the opposite side. This makes the seam lay flat when I sew over it.

Sew sew sew!

Coming up on the other seam to sew. Match it up before you get there to make sure it lines up!

It’s getting tight under the machine, so I’ll need to take it off and top stitch it shut.

Here’s where I’ll need to top stitch it.

Pull it taut on the seam so you have a natural flow of fold.

Place it under the machine and keep tension on it to keep that natural fold/hem.

Sew as close as you can ot the edge while still catching both the top and bottom.


Notice the poppy fabric is a natural seam and the blue fabric has the top stitch? You could press it flat at this point if you wanted.

Pretty colors! All done!

There’s enough fabric for a hood!

Lovely double infinity scarf!

One huge honkin’ loop!

I just love the color combination.

It’s so cozy!

All done!

Thanks to Decor and the Dog for getting my tutorial going!


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