Today, I laughed.

This whole morning was spent finishing a t-shirt quilt for a friend. I was so excited to get this one done. I hadn’t previously had a quilt with almost all the t-shirts being the same color. 

(For my tutorial, click here)


Now. Onto more important things.

Today I laughed.
I laughed a good hearty roar.
All thanks due to a water sprinkler and my nearly 2 year old daughter, Daphne.

Being the incubator for a baby nineteen weeks along, I experience morning sickness daily. It wasn’t until recently (one glorious week ago) that I started to feel those awful symptoms disappear. I didn’t feel like I was sailing the high seas! I didn’t need to carry a barf bag with me to the grocery store! Along with the acquisition of a weak gag reflex, I’d also come into possession of extra weight. Fifteen glorious pounds. On top of feeling sick all the time I felt discouraged about my body swelling in the mirror.

Even though the symptoms of morning sickness have temporarily disappeared, a new symptom has risen to take its place: joy.

For over three months solid I found it difficult to laugh. I found no joy in life surrounding me because I couldn’t see past the trashcan or toilet. I tried to be positive and enjoy each day even with the nausea, dizziness, and outbursts of an upset tummy. I tried to accept the extra weight that I had gained. I was not very successful.

This past week has been amazing with no symptoms of sickness. I love to take my daughter outside to play but the high heat of a South Carolina summer didn’t bode well with my nausea this past summer. Amazingly enough, today was a beautiful breezy day with a upper 70’s temperature. Daphne and I went outside to play.

I hooked up the hose to the fan sprinkler and turned on the water. Daphne and I gingerly approached the sprinkler. She was very interested in the water but apprehensive. I held her hand and squatted down to her eye level to reassure her and encourage her to at least try touching the water. After I ran my hand through the cold water, she gave it a whirl. Giggling, her hand retreated and she was excited to try again.

I stepped back and watched her shed the apprehensive shell for an exploratory curiosity. She started with her arm in the fan of water, followed by her foot. She looked back at me for affirmation and I gave it.

And then it happened. She leaned in towards the fan as it was facing away from her. Nothing. Dry as a bone. She looked back at me as if wanting me to turn the water on for her. BAM, the rotating water fan came back up and splashed her in the side of the face. Surprised, she coughed and ran towards me. Laughing, I cupped my hands on her cheeks and wiped her wide eyes. She let out a giggle and ran back to the sprinkler. She dipped her head in the sprinkler again, waiting for the fan to come back up to her face. Sure enough, it squirted water right in her face.

Oh, she was in heaven.

Every time she’d get wet, she’d run to me laughing and I would give her a hug and wipe the excess water from her cheeks, eyes, and brow. Every time her little flip-flopped feet ran through the squishy grass, my heart rose a little more. The grass trimmings from yesterday’s mowing adventure were clinging to her little legs as she ran up to the hose time and time again.

Soon, she realized she could just step on the other side of the fan and get the whole fan of water instead of just a little bit on the top. She was soaked within 15 seconds and it was magnificent. I laughed so hard I wanted to cry. She was enjoying herself and she was laughing. She was getting so dirty and wet with the sprinkler and grass all on her legs. My laughter rose as high as the cloud ceiling and I remembered what it was to feel pure joy.

I didn’t care about my morning sickness or those extra pounds pregnancy had wrought. But most importantly, Daphne didn’t care. Daphne saw her momma standing there in the middle of the yard with her head tilted back, laughing into the sky. She saw her momma laugh. That, my friends, is most important.


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