18 Weeks Stats (Baby 2.0)




How Far Along: 18 weeks.
First pregnancy’s post from within this week!

Baby size and random info: (thanks to Alpha Mom)

Your Baby:

  • Is about the size of a baked potato — five-and-a-half inches long.
  • Has actual cute little ears and working ear bones and can hear sounds through the amniotic fluid — similar to how things sound to you underwater.
  • Is moving, moving, moving. The baby is still small enough that you may not feel every kick and punch yet, but the movements will start getting less “bubble-like” and more “holy crap, that was totally a foot.”

Symptoms: Belly getting bigger! Nausea has been almost non-existent! I was having as many problems sleeping as I was a few weeks ago. I’ve got a little more energy. Face isn’t breaking out as bad as it was.

How I’m feeling: Feeling pregnant for sure! My couches are almost 6 years old and sunken. It takes a little extra effort to get up out of them, almost like I’ve been sitting on the floor. Feeling pretty optimistic. Definitely feeling hot all the time! Even my husband walked by me and commented “Man, you emit so much heat!”

Week’s highlights: Been able to go to the YMCA to workout every day. Love being able to get active. Stopped into Publix to visit a woman who works there who always cheers me up and brightens Daphne’s day.

Boy or Girl? Another week and a half until the Anatomy Scan! EEE!

Cravings: Return of the food aversions! I had been drinking a yummy blend of juices and essential oils from Young Living (Ningxia Red) but went through it too fast and it is quite costly. I have been looking for a substitute and tried Cranberry Grape juice. Gave me heartburn….bummer. Having trouble with whole wheat bread. Gives me digestive issues. Bananas are a staple, as is yogurt.

Worries/Concerns: Hoping for a healthy baby at the anatomy scan. My doctor wasn’t happy with my weight gain at the last appointment so I have been a little anxious about that. This made me even more motivated to get to the gym to get my walking in.

Goals and to what I look forward: Looking forward to the Anatomy Scan. Also looking forward to the weather cooling off!


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