Week 11 Stats (Baby 2.0)

Week 11 Stats


I don’t have a photo from week 11 with Daphs! I’ll upload my pictures of Daph’s pregnancy when I can compare.

How Far Along: 11 weeks.
First pregnancy’s post from within this week!


Baby size and random info: (thanks to Alpha Mom)

  • Is the size of a small lemon or large lime. With a twist! Yeah, we’re done with the bean and nut comparisons and have moved onto fruit. Next stop, small household appliances!
  • Is officially a fetus, and is downright human-baby looking with non-webbed fingers and toes, although s/he needs a lot more cooking and fattening up.
  • Is moving and kicking and dancing and even hiccuping, although you won’t be able to feel the acrobatics for a few more weeks (sometime between weeks 16 and 20).


Symptoms: Still have intense morning all day sickness. The only time I feel decent is after waking and a little after. As the day goes on, I go downhill. I’m feeling tired and a little forgetful. Belly is bloating just a little. No swelling yet. Started Diclegis to help with the morning sickness. Breaking out a little on my face. Headachy. Helllooooooooo boobs.

How I’m feeling: Feeling tired. Feeling positive and hopeful that this pregnancy will last! Feeling more at ease. I’m definitely feeling emotionally drained and a bit deflated due to my not feeling well all the time. I feel like I’m not myself—I can’t really relax or enjoy myself because of how I feel. I’m hoping this passes!

Week’s highlights: Had our family vacation at Edisto Beach this week. My favorite part was watching a storm roll in and a cool front sweep down the beach. Started raining and I loved it. I am just so thankful for stormy beaches. Daphne enjoyed seeing her cousins and playing in the waves. I never knew a kid could love the ocean so much! Logan made me a flag themed wreath and I just love it. We rearranged the living room and it feels more open in here. Sam and I celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary. I am so very thankful for all his help around the house and with Daphne. He is such a big help.

Boy or Girl? No clue yet. I think we still need to decide if we want to find out in a few weeks. On a good note, we’ve brainstormed baby names and have a few great contenders!

Cravings: No cravings. Towards the evening, I get aversions to all strong food smells, so I just stay away from the kitchen area. I enjoy cherries, bagels and cream cheese, bananas, salads, pulled pork, and sandwiches. Lots of water. I love sweet tea and lemonade but both tear up my stomach.

Worries/Concerns: As usual, just that this pregnancy would continue to be healthy and baby would develop safe and strong.
A few health concerns this time around to watch for and try to prevent/manage:
Constipation (not so much a worry with my new nausea meds)
Excessive weight gain
Get support for breastfeeding and look into things like placenta encapsulation and postpartum depression.

Goals and to what I look forward: Looking forward to being able to get more active. I hate having to lounge around the house because I get dizzy and so nauseated all day long. My poor garden is growing over and the laundry monster keeps growing. I think the pile has sprouted teeth and arms by now. I look forward to being able to laugh and joke again. It’s a rare thing for me to enjoy myself lately, so I’m really hoping to feel better soon. I look forward to the next ultrasound and doctor’s appointment.



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