Week 7 Stats


How Far Along: 7 weeks.

First pregnancy’s post from within this week!

Baby size and random info: (thanks to Alpha Mom)

  • Still with the growing. Always with the growing. Your baby starts off this week at four or five millimeters long, but is a whopping half an inch by the end.
  • Has a two-chambered heart, air passages in the lungs, and cerebral hemispheres in the braaaaaains.
  • Has an appendix, which is kind of cool until you remember that the appendix is almost completely useless. But it’s there now! Awww.


Symptoms: Super bad morning all the time sickness. I called in a prescription for Zofran. It was the only thing that kept me alive for Daphne’s pregnancy. I’m on a routine of taking Vitamin B6 and Unisom at night, starting my morning with a B6 and a dramamine, and taking half of a zofran in the afternoon. Taking Colace and a clear mix-in-drink- laxative. This seems to have helped ward off nearly all of the symptoms and I can actually function. YAY for functioning! I’ve got bad aversions to almost all food. Yep. Everything sounds awful. Nothing sounds even halfway appetizing to eat or drink. I have to force myself to eat and chug water. No constipation, thanks to the laxatives and fiber supplements.

How I’m feeling: Feeling a bit tired. Go to bed around 10/1030 each night. I am feeling hopeful for tomorrow’s ultrasound. I hope I can hear the heartbeat and see a healthy little baby starting to grow! I’m feeling excited about Sam coming home from his work trip. I’ve missed him so much. I’m feeling a bit worn down, as Daphne has run me ragged this week with her canines cutting through.

Week’s highlights: Got my nausea under control! Was able to go back to the gym and picked up lifting again. Harvested a few veggies from my garden. Saw 9 chicks running around momma hen today. Daphne is becoming more communicative, for lack of a better term. She’s using her fork at meal times, she points at things, tries to explain things that happen, and is just more interested in communicating.

Boy or Girl? No idea! The wives tales were all wrong last time, so I have no idea what to expect this round. I’d like to be surprised on the sex at birth, but I don’t know if Sam will go for it!

Cravings: Absolutely none. Zero. Serious aversion to all foods of all kinds. I’m able to stomach sweet potato, chicken, mashed taters, crackers, cheese, and my morning smoothies with pb and banana.

Worries/Concerns: Continued prayer for this pregnancy to be healthy and safe. I imagine I’ll always be concerned, but it’s out of my hands. I am hoping I can continue to manage this morning sickness!

A few health concerns this time around to watch for and try to prevent/manage:
Excessive weight gain
Get support for breastfeeding and look into things like placenta encapsulation and postpartum depression.

Goals and to what I look forward: Continuing to go to the Gym and working out on a daily basis. Organizing all of Daphne’s newborn gear for version 2.0. I know it’s WAY early, but I’m so excited to find out the sex of the baby and to start feeling movement. I’m very excited about meeting this little one and having Daphne and Sam meet it too. I see new moms and pictures of newborns and my heart just swells. I do love having a small baby.


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