Week 6 Stats


How Far Along: 6 weeks.

First pregnancy’s stats from this week!

Baby size and random info: 2.0 is as big as a pea, or .25 inch. Facial features are beginning to form. Circulatory system is working and pumping blood all throughout 2.0’s body.

Symptoms: I had hoped this pregnancy would skip over morning sickness. I’m nauseated about 90% of the time with strong aversions to *thoughts* of food and smells. I was walking through the grocery store with Daphs and my hand was cupped over my mouth the entire time. Even waiting in line to pay I had to keep a hand over my mouth just for my own peace of mind. It’s gonna be a looooooong 9  months. My boobs were the first thing to signal the pregnancy. They immediately felt sore and tender (and still do a week later). Preeeetty sure I’m getting bigger already too in that area.

How I’m feeling: Feeling super tired and nauseated. I had 4 teeth extracted five days ago and I have one tooth that is throbbing and causing me a lot of pain. I’m feeling emotional. For example, I was watching Forrest Gump and the scene where he was running Bubba out of the Vietnamese jungle with explosions in the background made me tear up. Why? Who knows.

I am also feeling a little more relaxed about this pregnancy sticking. My last/second pregnancy was a miscarriage, with completely different symptoms than I am currently feeling. My current symptoms (moodiness, morning sickness, food and smell aversion) are spot on matches to my first pregnancy with my daughter Daphne. I am heartened that I’m sick and nauseated, as much as I despise it. I feel like the sickness means my body is taking on the pregnancy and being affected by 2.0, which is such a thing for which to be thankful.

Week’s highlights: Finding out I’m pregnant! Had an urge to try an ovulation test just to see what would happen when I know I wasn’t ovulating. It came up positive with a happy face on it. Confused, I went to bed. Next morning, Got up with Daphs and ran to the store for a pregnancy test. Sure enough, pregnant! Sam and I had been trying to get pregnant for about a year but I only started using ovulation testing kits and keeping track of my basal body temperature (via fertility friend) for 2 cycles. The 2nd cycle we became pregnant. So…note to you if you’re attempting to get pregnant—give the ovulation test kits a chance to see when your best fertility time is and also take advantage of Fertility Friend to watch your body for signs as well.

Boy or Girl? One of the first things Sam told me when I told him I was pregnant was “Try to make it a boy!” I’ll sure do my best…:)

Cravings: Lord Almighty, even thinking about food makes me ill right now. No cravings.

Worries/Concerns: Just praying for this pregnancy to take and continue to full term. I’m concerned about my morning sickness and my ability to function and play with/teach Daphne.

A few health concerns this time around to watch for and try to prevent/manage:

Goals and to what I look forward: Looking forward to our first ultrasound for a heartbeat and my next Dr appointment. I hope to manage this nausea better than the first pregnancy and stay way more active.


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