1 Year, 19 Weeks Old

1 years 4 months 13 days
or 16 months 13 days
or 71 weeks 0 days
or 497 days
or 11928 hours
or 715680 minutes
or 42940800 seconds

Changes in appearance: Growing taller. Her hair now fully covers her eyes and is curling gently as it grows longer. Clear blue eyes.

Likes: Books! Baby Einstein. Watching the dogs play. Helping me water the garden and throwing dirt in the air. Bath time.

Dislikes: There really aren’t many things she doesn’t like…I mean, she’s not wild about lemons…

New Milestones/Developments: Dancing and singing on her own when she hears music. She babbles a lot more.

What we’re currently “working on:” Working on pronouncing words and identifying objects. Working on sharing. Working on knowing to go to the potty when she has to use it.

Favorite Toys: Books, ball, singing turtle or any other singing toy. The dogs. Shoes!

To Share of not to Share: She doesn’t offer things to me as much as she used to but she’s still willing to share. Sometimes, less willing than others.

Tooth Count: 6 on top, 4 on bottom, but two more are about to break through.

Left-handed or Right-handed: Haven’t noticed a dominance lately.

Eating Habits: Introducing fish and eggs. She loves cheerios and crunchy foods most of the time. Broccoli is another favorite of hers, not so much of mine for the cleanup!

How I’m feeling: Feeling a little stretched. Feeling optimistic about my garden and about the future.

What I want to do next: Do some baking. Finish transplanting my garden. Remember to send out cards.

What I learned this week: The definition of humbleness and that pride comes before a fall.

People who inspired me this week and showed me kindness: People at dentist’s office for being so kind and helpful. JH for thinking of me. S for the kind words. L for the laughs. L for bringing me back down to earth. J for remembering me. Every older person who smiles at Daphs in public. The people in the truck leaving the Joanns parking lot who waved and smiled back at Daphne.


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