1 Year, 17 Weeks Old

1 years 3 months 27 days
or 15 months 27 days
or 69 weeks 0 days
or 483 days
or 11592 hours
or 695520 minutes
or 41731200 seconds

Changes in appearance: She is growing lean and mean! She’s losing those adorable rolls on her legs and she’s getting so strong from climbing on everything. Her face is getting longer and her smile is bigger. Her hair is so long! It’s got just a little bit of a wave to it but nothing too crazy.

Likes: She still enjoys books. Bathtime is her favorite time. She’s a huge fan of throwing food from her tray down to the pups. She likes putting things on top of her slide so she can watch them fall down it. She likes the book that shows different expressions on baby faces. She mimics them.

Dislikes: She likes most things. She’s becoming more independent, so she prefers to try to do things on her own first which can cause a little stress with the lack of verbal skills.

New Milestones/Developments: Making more new sounds and words. She makes some new faces as well including a pouting face (one of the faces in my book I was talking about) and a surprised face. We built a garden and she helps me work by throwing dirt, or as she likes it—moving it.

What we’re currently “working on:” Working on playing nice and nice touch. Working on sharing and manners. Working on words and numbers. Working on listening.

Favorite Toys: Books, the dogs, balls, her slide, shoes, and the window.

To Share of not to Share: She’s not sharing as liberally as she once was. She still likes to share though.

Tooth Count: 4 on bottom (two front and two molars) and 6 on top (four front and 2 molars). Might have more coming in though on the bottom!

Left-handed or Right-handed: Using her left more often than her right. Her right sometimes stays fisted, which I work with her on holding things and using it to hold her spoons and what not.

Eating Habits: She eats pretty healthy. Lots of bananas, strawberries, meats, some dairy and breads. Mainly, whatever we eat. Eats a good 3-5 times a day and sips water and milk throughout the day.

How I’m feeling: Finally over being sick, so that’s a plus. Feeling a bit tired and stretched. A lot going on internally that I am struggling to process. I need to write more posts to get it all out.

What I want to do next: Finish drawing Sam’s tattoo design. Want to do some baking and some painting.

What I learned this week: To give people the benefit of the doubt. To believe in good before evil. To be more thoughtful.

People who inspired me this week and showed me kindness: S for everything—thoughtfulness, taking trash outside, dishes, watching D, the list goes on. EWC for being kind. L for inspiration. N for the kindness.




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