1 Year, 13 Weeks Old

1 years 2 months 29 days
or 14 months 29 days
or 65 weeks 0 days
or 455 days
or 10920 hours
or 655200 minutes
or 39312000 seconds

Changes in appearance: Sam and I have both commented how lean and strong she is becoming. She runs around constantly and chases the pups or climbs up on the couches. No wonder she’s building muscle and losing baby fat. Eyes still clear blue. Hair sometimes looks lighter and more red and other times looks brown. Chameleon. Big ol toothy grin!

Likes: The fish. Chasing the dogs. Bathtime. Swinging. Being put upside down. Dancing. Reading.

Dislikes: Still doesn’t like really crunchy foods or large bites of foods. She’ll spit them out. She doesn’t like being taken out of the bathtub. If she is doing something and we try to coach her or stop her from harm, she’ll get frustrated. That’s definitely something we’re working on.

New Milestones/Developments: Her noises and sounds are becoming more pronounced. She’s picking up pace when she walks. Climbing is her forte. She’s initiating play with her dolls and hugging them. She waves and blows kisses on her own.

What we’re currently “working on:” Working on safety, being patient and not throwing fits when she is coached in a different direction. Working on more animal noises. Working on petting the puppies nicely.

Favorite Toys: Books. The couch. Fish. Dogs. Birds. Cars. The window. Bathwater and bath toys. Necklaces.

To Share of not to Share: She shares very well but is becoming increasingly more interested in keeping things for herself. She will offer toys and snatch them back.

Tooth Count: 4 on bottom (two front and two molars) and 6 on top (four front and 2 molars) Aye Ay Aye!

Left-handed or Right-handed: Left most of the time.

Eating Habits: Bananas. Fruit bars. Whatever foods we share with her. Chicken. Noodles.

How I’m feeling: Feeling pretty good emotionally. I always feel like there’s more I could be doing with Daphs, but she’s got to master her motor skills and what not, so I can’t be too hard on myself.

What I want to do next: Master Kettle Corn making, make vanilla extract, get some paints for Daphs, continue building my business, and help my new fish survive their first week in their new home.

What I learned this week: Patience. Not taking information for granted. Having a thankful heart. Importance of love and flexibility when disaster strikes.

I also learned to keep the cushions off the couch for a little while longer. Daphs crawled up onto the couch and dumped the entire contents of the fish food container all over the couch. Darling.

People who inspired me this week and showed me kindness: S for love. M for thoughtfulness. L for the laughs. Ladies at EWC for being open to a new idea. D’s for hospitality. L & C for hospitality.


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