1 Year, 11 Weeks Old

1 years 2 months 15 days
or 14 months 15 days
or 63 weeks 0 days
or 441 days
or 10584 hours
or 635040 minutes
or 38102400 seconds

Changes in appearance: She is noticeably leaner and taller! Still has those darling chubby cheeks. I swear her smile gets bigger every day!

Likes: Climbing. The chickens. Riding in the car or in the stroller. Waving hi. Bath time. Cups and blocks. Eating and throwing food to the dogs.

Dislikes: Not a fan of crunchy foods yet. She doesn’t like being taken out of the bathtub (She’d prefer to stay in all day long).

New Milestones/Developments: She is still walking like a fiend. More molars coming in! She babbles more often. She brings us toys to play with and books to read.

What we’re currently “working on:” Working on annunciation and pronouncing more sounds. Working on more animal sounds and building with blocks.

Favorite Toys: Books. The couch. Fish. Dogs. Birds. Cars. The window. Bathwater and bath toys. Necklaces.

To Share of not to Share: She is such a good sharer. We were at the Superbowl party with some friends. Our friends had their little boy there who is 3 months younger than Daphs. They sat in front of each other and shared the same toy back and forth for 5 rounds. They didn’t fuss or cry or anything, rather, just passed the toy back and forth. I was so proud of both of them!

Tooth Count: Four on bottom, 4/5ish on top and more coming!

Left-handed or Right-handed: This week was pretty evenly distributed between left and right.

Eating Habits: Bread. Bananas. Salsa. Chips. Chicken. Turkey. Peppers. Cheese. Yogurt. Milk. Juice. And so on. Because she has her molars coming through, I’ve felt comfortable giving her harder foods and bigger chunks.

How I’m feeling: Feeling very energized and positive. Feeling good and optimistic.

What I want to do next: I want to do a little baking and drawing. I would also like to get back into my gym routine. I want to paint my nails too. Ah, the little things.

What I learned this week: I’ve learned how to be a salesman in the best sense of the word. I’ve learned that clarity and consistency in a business is crucial for success. I’ve learned that it’s not hard to sell something if you love the product. I’ve learned to keep my counters free of clutter, otherwise my 1 year old will find and destroy everything on it. I’ve learned how to keep up with dear friends. I’ve learned that I don’t like sweets as much as I thought I did.

People who inspired me this week and showed me kindness: S. Always, S. M for the laughs. L for the humor. N for the hug and quality time. A for the inspiration and jokes. The dogs for loving me and coming to sit next to me on the couch when I’m in a crappy mood. Ladies at EWC for being so kind. S for the encouragement. D for the humor. C for the invite. The chickens for always making me feel loved when I walk outside, though I am suspecting it is merely because I throw them food when I walk outside.


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