1 Year, 10 weeks Old

1 years 2 months 10 days
or 14 months 10 days
or 62 weeks 2 days
or 436 days
or 10464 hours
or 627840 minutes
or 37670400 seconds

Changes in appearance: She’s losing her baby fat! She’s gotten more lean from all the running and climbing she’s been doing. Her cheeks are as puffy as ever and her eyes still shine bright blue. She’s gained weight and is growing taller. Little changes that occur over a long period of time.

Likes: Bath time! Staring out the window. Drinking from straws. Petting the dogs. Climbing. LORD Climbing.

Dislikes: She is usually pretty grumpy after she wakes up and doesn’t like to be put down after she gets out of her crib. She hates having to get out of the tub.

New Milestones/Developments: Walking and picking up pace. She now climbs the couch–this has been going on for a week now. She is muttering and talking in long jumbled phrases for long periods of time. She will find shoes or socks or slippers and try to put them on her feet.

What we’re currently “working on:” Working on more words. Working on safely climbing and getting off the couch on her tummy. Recognizing sounds and people.

Favorite Toys: Books. The couch and fishes. Phones. Straws. The bath and water. Windows. Books!

To Share of not to Share: No problems with sharing this week. She likes to play and offers us her toys and shoes and clothes.

Tooth Count: Four out on bottom and 3 or 4 out on top. Her molars have been coming through for the past week.

Left-handed or Right-handed: Left most of the time.

Eating Habits: Eats bananas, bread, strawberry, meat, and loves her yogurt tubes. Because she has new teeth coming in, I feel more comfortable keeping her food in larger chunks. I hate the idea of choking. It’s been hard for me to keep her food in big bites.

How I’m feeling: Feeling pretty good. I have good energy and I’m not sick anymore, which is fantastic. Otherwise, I’ve got a few projects I want to tackle, so that’s good.

What I want to do next: More quilting and cleaning the house. I need to take an afternoon to cleanse the house of old crap. Especially my closet. My closet needs a cleanse.

What I learned this week: I’ve learned to cherish each moment with Daphne. I cherish each time she smiles my way. I’ve learned to run to her and hug her! I’ve learned that my baby girl is growing up and that I am helping to shape her into a good person. I have learned that my actions and words sometimes don’t match my heart, mainly that I come off one way but I don’t mean to. I’m learning to work on that.

People who inspired me this week and showed me kindness: Random lady at Target who talked to Daphne to keep her from crying. J for believing in me. R for the inspiration. S for the love. Nice lady at the gun store who pointed us to a mounted deer head so Daphne could pet it.


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