1 Year, 9 Weeks Old



So, here’s the thing. I’ve been in Kansas for the past two weeks. Haven’t had a chance to update not only my daughter’s awesome information but also my quilt project.

To make it all just a little sweeter, I have neither my camera or my quilt squares I completed while in Kansas. Both are in my luggage bag from the trip.

“But Jenna, you should have your luggage bag from the trip!”

Yes, my friend, yes. I should.

Daphne and I got off of the plane from Chicago O’Hare around 10:30 pm last night. We met Sam with happiness and meandered to the baggage carousels. Bag after bag came piling through but never mine. We watched the same three unwanted bags go around that carousel at least 40 times before getting a page over the intercom.

“Jenna Weaver…your bag is at the claim counter. Jenna Weaver.”

I stared down the woman giving the message and met her. I took a look at the bag sitting there with a sticker listing “Jenna Weaver ,(insert random sort of numbers here).



Not MY bag.

My name, but not my bag.

I told the woman at the baggage counter. Fifteen minutes later and one receipt from my original check-in from Wichita, my bag was still nowhere to be found. Even in the system.

So…No bag. No camera. No hairspray. No underwear.



So here I sit in my pajamas, listening to the whirring and spinning of the washer as it washes the *only* pair of jeans that fit me.

So goes life.

Now, for the fun part!

1 years 2 months 3 days
or 14 months 3 days
or 61 weeks 2 days
or 429 days
or 10296 hours
or 617760 minutes
or 37065600 seconds

Changes in appearance: Her hair is thickening up. Darkening slightly to a nice warm reddish blond. She is getting tall and leaning out. Her face is elongating. Since being in Kansas, she’s come down with a bit of dry skin. I’m slathering her with lotion all day.

Likes: Bath time for sure! She cries when she has to get out of the tub. She likes being tickled and being chased. She likes playing the piano and pushing toys around the floor.

Dislikes: She doesn’t like getting out of the tub, as I said. Not a huge fan of the texture of pancakes.

New Milestones/Developments: Fully walking! AHHH! She’s got the independence of a hermit. She loves walking and exploring. She’s identifying more animals and trying out new sounds as we work with her.

What we’re currently “working on:” Working on sharing and talking. We are working on not hitting things/banging the glass door. Working with her on drawing and trying out new words!

Favorite Toys: Balls. Push-around carts. Books. Noisy books. Her rocking horse. Shoes.

To Share of not to Share: Daphne does like to share. She’s pretty patient and tolerant when things get taken from her, though she’s still learning.

Tooth Count: Holy moly. She’s got two out on the bottom and three out on top. BUUUUUT, she’s got her molars coming through! AHHH!

Left-handed or Right-handed: Left about 75% of the time.

Eating Habits: She eats what I eat, but has been enjoying the squeeze pouches of applesauce and veggie blends. She’s discovered nutri-grain fruit bars and LOVES them.

How I’m feeling: Feeling like I’m coming down with yet another sickness. Daphs and I both were sick while we were home and I think I’m coming down with some sort of coughing/nausea/throat thing. Ugh. Otherwise, I’m feeling pretty good physically.

Emotionally, I’m drained and a bit distant. I need to pinpoint why.

What I want to do next: Quilting. Organizing the house and re-decorating. Get back into lifting weights (took a 2 week break while we were in Kansas).

What I learned this week: Rotisserie seasoning is AMAZING on chicken. So is the roasted chickens from the deli at Dillons. Learned that it is unwise to assume people think the same way as you. I’ve learned to be more conscious of how my words and actions affect others around me.

People who inspired me this week and showed me kindness: M for letting me stay and interrupt her calm and quiet environment. L for feeding me AMAZING food.  Stranger in the O’Hare bathroom for offering to hold Daphs while I washed my hands. S for cleaning the house, buying foods, and rearranging the bedroom like I wanted. We came home from the airport last night and the house was clean. The fridge was stocked with almond milk and fruits and veggies that I like. The bedroom had been rearranged and decorated by my husband. I was in heaven. What a relief to come home to a clean home. 


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