1 Year, 7 Weeks Old

1 years 1 months 18 days
or 13 months 18 days
or 59 weeks 0 days
or 413 days
or 9912 hours
or 594720 minutes
or 35683200 seconds

Changes in appearance: She has been walking/trying to run everywhere and is losing that darling baby fat. She’s got longer hair and her face isn’t squishy looking anymore! She’s growing up!

Likes: Bathtime. Chasing Pax and Ash around the house with her walker. Rolling balls across the floor. Watching dad outside. Reading, taking pictures with her play camera.

Dislikes: Blowdryer.

New Milestones/Developments: Oh my goodness, walking. She’s walking about 75% of the time. She can make sounds like a chicken, dog, and cat. She identifies cars and the flags outside. She also knows facial features by action.

What we’re currently “working on:” Manners, saying please and thank you, and sharing. Working on walking and figuring out small challenges, like hiding a ball under a cup. We stack toys and build.

Favorite Toys: Her play vanity set, camera, googly eye books, her bouncing ball, dino toy, and her bathtime crayons. She still loves her push around cart and any ball she can get her hands on.

To Share of not to Share: She likes to share. We practice sharing and our manners with that the most throughout the day.

Tooth Count: I tipped her back this past week to check on the progress of her other big tooth coming down. Lo and behold—she had another tooth completely out on top that I hadn’t noticed before. Ahhhhhh I felt so bad that I didn’t notice it before! She’s got 4 teeth completely out and one halfway down (her other big front tooth).

Left-handed or Right-handed: Using a lot of her left hand lately.

Eating Habits: I cut back on her 100% juice this week. She drinks water and whole milk. She’s been picky lately with her food but I attribute that to her being a little under the weather (ear infection?). She will spot a drink in someone’s hand or on the table and say “Puhhh” for please. I act quickly. I’m so happy she’s at least using the word! She likes blueberries!!

How I’m feeling: Feeling a bit better emotionally. I’m working on my patience and becoming less of a worrywart with Daphne. In the Verizon store over the weekend, Daphne was walking around the whole store and going to the hanging racks to look at items. Instead of just snatching her up and diverting her attention, I let her walk and I stooped down to show her the different color phone cases and help her put everything back in order that she had grabbed.

What I want to do next: Been working on my quilt project, so I imagine I’ll be working more on that. Also want to do a little bit of baking.

What I learned this week: I’ve learned that my preferred hobbies are shifting. I still love watching movies and playing video games but I don’t find as much pleasure in movies as I used to. Perhaps it is because I’ve realized how polluting most movies are, even the ones that are family safe. I’m not interested in them. I’ve learned how to paper piece quilt blocks this week.

People who inspired me this week and showed me kindness: Guy at Orange Julius who was nice and polite. S for all the help around the house. D and M for their thoughtfulness. D for the joy. M for reminding me youth is an awesome time.


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