1 year, 6 weeks old

1 years 1 months 11 days
or 13 months 11 days
or 58 weeks 0 days
or 406 days
or 9744 hours
or 584640 minutes
or 35078400 seconds

Changes in appearance: I’ve noticed her legs thinning–She’s been walking and pushing her cart around the house so much more! She is losing her fat and getting stronger! Her hair is getting longer and she’s definitely heavier.

Likes: Bathtime. Trying to walk on her own and exploring. Watching the pups play and playing fetch with them. Being chased around the house by Pax. Books. The beach. Strangers who smile at her.

Dislikes: She is becoming more independent and she doesn’t like it when we try to steer her away from hazardous areas or situations. She definitely likes to explore.

New Milestones/Developments: Walking so much more! She chooses to walk rather than immediately crawl. She’s transitioning into walking very well! She is so very vocal. The mornings are filled with her chatter including lots of “blah lah lah luh luggggg lugg” where she is testing out her tongue. She made a “cuh’ sound when we were watching the cars today.

What we’re currently “working on:” Daphs has taken a liking to petting/gently patting our faces and mouths. We’re working on teaching her gentle touch and not to deliberately hit. We are also working on “please” (which turns to “puh” for her) and “Thank you.” Also, “Down, please” and “Up, please.” Working more on walking and animal sounds. Working on hugs and gently petting the pups.

Favorite Toys: Her play vanity set, camera, googly eye books, her bouncing ball dino toy, and of course anything she can splash in the bath water. She also likes her push around cart. She pushes that thing around the whole house and goes to the front door to watch the “Bah-bahs” (chickens) and cars.

To Share of not to Share: We stress sharing a lot here. I’m constantly sharing toys with her and asking to have the toys she has. She gives them to me, I thank her, and ask if she’d like them back. In general, she’s eager to share.

Tooth Count: 4 out–her front top and bottom! She’s got a gap between her front teeth and I could get lost in it. DARLING. More on the way down!

Left-handed or Right-handed: I haven’t really noticed her preferring one side to the other.

Eating Habits: Juice, milk, and water. Eats anything we do, so we just chop it up small for her. We don’t give her sharp things like crunchy tortilla chips or things like that yet. When she has a few more chompers, we sure will.

How I’m feeling: Was a busy week. Kind of stressful, but okay. I am just in awe of how big Daphne is getting. Really. When did she grow up? I’ve been feeling pretty drained lately.

What I want to do next: Made snowflake cookies and am working with Daphs on drawing with bathtime crayons. I need to get back into writing. I’ve had other things on my mind and haven’t devoted the energy to it. I’d like to paint something fresh. I’d also like to donate a lot of items to a shelter or charity—need to clear some room in the house.

What I learned this week: To trust other people with tasks (to not think I HAVE to be the one to do a job to get it done right). I’ve learned that as I’m getting older I am getting more observant. I am realizing that there is so much cruelty in humor and everyday talk. We are so harsh to one another…and for what? A chuckle? A conversation filler? I’m becoming more sensitive to other people’s situations and circumstances. I’m realizing that I know not two licks about that other person in the store who did something silly or awkward. I’m learning to love.

People who inspired me this week and showed me kindness: M for the thoughtfulness. L and J for the texts. B for the laughs. Sam for listening to me even though I’m sure he gets tired of it. D for lighting up when she sees me. Smiling woman in front of me at Bi-Lo for finding joy in Daphne’s smile and demeanor. Dude at Larry’s who held the door for me. N and A for gametime. E for the eggs. S for reminding me to be conscious of others. J for the inspiration. N for the quality time and hearty laughter—the honesty too. Lady at HAWC for the kind encouragement. Dude at Gym for not treating me like I was dumb.




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