1 Year, 3 weeks old

1 years 0 months 21 days
or 12 months 21 days
or 55 weeks 1 days
or 386 days
or 9264 hours
or 555840 minutes
or 33350400 seconds

Changes in appearance: 
No huge changes other than I can tell she is leaning up. She’s so much more active than she has been in the past and it shows!

Likes: Handwashing, bathtime, watching the puppies play, drinking from a straw. She likes looking at the Christmas tree but doesn’t touch it or try to pull anything off of it. Thank heavens she hasn’t noticed the gifts underneath…

Dislikes: There’s nothing that really bothers her right now.

New Milestones/Developments: She’s been taking a few steps by herself recently. She’s still unsure of herself but she tries. She says “maahh-muhhhh” really drawn out and slowly.

What we’re currently “working on:” Puzzles and games on my kindle, singing together and playing piano together, dancing, identifying things in books.

Favorite Toys: Balls of any sort, her books, a person or dog she can climb over. Peekaboo through the curtains. Pushing toys or books around the house.

To Share of not to Share: She’s so eager to share. We encourage it and share frequently. When she holds out something for us, we acknowledge it and say thank you before returning it back to her.

Tooth Count: 3 out and more coming. Her second front tooth will come through next. Ouch!

Left-handed or Right-handed:  She prefers her left hand but uses her right often enough.

Eating Habits:  NO MORE FORMULA! She’s drinking milk before bedtime and a little before naps. She eats a variety of foods and her favorite is peas and chicken. She really gets a kick out of drinking from a straw.

How I’m feeling: Feeling okay. I’m proud of myself for working out and keeping at it for a few months now. I can tell my body is reacting well to weight lifting. Mentally and emotionally, I’m drained a lot of the time. I’ve picked up some hobbies to lift my spirits and fill my time with productive things. Worked on my cathedral quilt, decorated cookies and a sharpie mug, and spend a few hours working on my book nightly.

What I want to do next: I *still* want to introduce painting to Daphs. My Christmas cards are out and the tree is up. Next, I’ll probably bake some goodies to send with Sam to work. I’ll give my giant snowflake cookie cutters from Williams-Sonoma another try. I’ll continue working on my book(s) and working out.

What I learned this week: To not dwell on the past and to move forward. That sometimes you have to scrap what you think is an awesome idea to make way for an even better one. I’ve learned the joy of watching my girl grow up and absorb information. She’s so smart.

People who inspired me this week and showed me kindness: YMCA workers for recognizing us and getting excited to see Daphne come into the childcare room. The strangers at Bi-Lo for commenting on how beautiful Daphne is and making her smile. Sam for helping me clean house and keep me motivated to go work out. N for the great conversation. J for thinking of me. Lady in Bi-Lo who reminded me to always be aware of my surroundings and to be considerate of others. M who made me laugh. Daphne for reminding me to chill the heck out and enjoy life. The creators of Pinterest for inviting me to spend my time searching for inspiration. Nice guy gym goer who told us to have a good evening. Heavyweight Body builder dude who can squat nearly 400 pounds for reminding me that I still have a distance to cover.


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