1 Year, 2 weeks old.

1 years 0 months 14 days
or 12 months 14 days
or 54 weeks 1 days
or 379 days
or 9096 hours
or 545760 minutes
or 32745600 seconds

Changes in appearance:
What can I say? She’s growing up! She just looks older. It’s little things, like her face elongating, more alertness in her eyes, and more defined features. Her hair is getting thicker and turning a lovely light red brown blond color. Love it. Eyes that are so blue they’re almost white.

Likes: Her newest joy is to have her hands washed. She’ll squeal and try to grab the water. Loves her new found freedom around the house. We opened up our living room and she really enjoys exploring the whole house!

Dislikes: Eh… not much really. Nothing new.

New Milestones/Developments: She at least tries to take a few steps when I set her on her feet. She usually would plop straight down onto her bottom when I tried to encourage her to stand and walk. So, her interest in walking is growing!

What we’re currently “working on:” Walking, identifying potty and cues. Playing games and puzzles on my Kindle.

Favorite Toys: Blocks. Books. Balls, Her moving lady bug toy. Her Creeper plush. Her socks. The dogs.

To Share of not to Share: She likes to share but I’ve noticed this week that she has started to become a little possessive. She’ll reach for my book or my phone while I am holding it. I gently tell her “Momma is holding it. You can look.” She’ll try to grab it and steal it, and when she fails, she’ll wail. Working on handling that kind of thing with consistency and patience.

Tooth Count: 3 out and three coming!! The new 3 are all on top. Her 2nd top tooth and the ones beside each top tooth. Whew!

Left-handed or Right-handed:  Left dominant but uses her right frequently.

Eating Habits:  Takes a bottle before naps and bed. We’re on our last bit of formula and after that, no more. I imagine she’ll be done with formula by the end of this next week. She eats 3-4 times throughout the day, including meals of chicken, veggies, fruit, and grains. She loves bananas and chicken. Been encouraging more meats, fruits, and complex meals with a little bit of flavor/spice.

How I’m feeling: Feeling just alright. My self esteem has been boosted as of late. I’ve been working out consistently and eating healthy. I’m finally seeing a little bit of results after being invested in lifting weights and eating right for the past 7 weeks. It’s encouraging. I’m feeling very tired lately. I may need to adjust my sleep schedule. I’m also feeling optimistic about the future.

What I want to do next: I still would like to introduce painting to Daphs. I mentioned last week I needed to get some paint and I still do *whoops!*. I’d like to continue writing my book. I’d honestly like to start training for another race–a half or full marathon. I miss the running and the feeling. I need to put up the Christmas Tree. Christmas Cards are done and need to be stamped! YAY!

What I learned this week: To be comfortable in my personality and convictions. I’ve learned about patience and consistency in working with Daphne as her temperament grows more active. I consistently read about novel writing information and research topics included in my book. I enjoy it.

People who inspired me this week and showed me kindness: GR’s who reminded me to stay focused and do my best. A for the wonderful Christmas Card. S for remembering me. N for preventing our loneliness. EWC for always making me feel so special. L for laughing with me. Sam for the dishes, the trash, watching Daphs, and keeping me grounded. I love you, baby. The chickens outside who aren’t afraid of me anymore. The lady at Staples who saw I was clearly having issues keeping Daphs calm while in line and started talking to her to keep her occupied. My old pair of jeans into which I now fit. The woman with blue fingernails painted for her grandson’s christening in line at the bank who talked to me and called Daphne beautiful. D for talking to me and remembering me. For the laughs.


4 thoughts on “1 Year, 2 weeks old.

  1. Debbie Evert says:

    I want to make a collage of EACH of your postings with photos. She is so adorable. I know I say that almost every post, but it’s so true. The time and energy you are investing is priceless.

    1. laecen says:

      There is no way I’d be able to remember each little milestone! I don’t know if anyone (Sam or Daphne) is as sentimental as I am, but it’s all good. 🙂

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