My sweet one year old daughter.

Daphne Daniella.
My sweet one year old daughter.
She took her first steps a few days ago.
Daphne gets most excited to see the puppies in the morning.
Sometimes when she laughs, she laughs like the first portion of Woody Woodpecker’s giggle.
She is dreadfully afraid of our RC car.
She has three teeth out, her two bottom and her top left big tooth.
She likes to be chased and tickled by daddy.
She is patient. She doesn’t squirm or fuss while she waits for food, drinks, or anything else.
She likes to read books backwards–flipping through the book from the back to front.
She points at pictures in books.
Daphne likes watching the chickens walk outside. When we feed them, she says “Boh, boh”
She likes to crawl over things–your legs while sitting on the ground, pillows on the floor, toys.
She giggles when I rub the bottoms of her feet together or when I rub her palms together.
She likes to kick and splash in the tub.
he will sway and dance to music.
She hugs her dolly and rocks it.
She enjoys watching herself in my phone’s camera or in a mirror.
Daphne has blue eyes, big cheeks, light red/brown hair, and lovely shaped lips. She’s got the best from both of us.

My sweet one year old daughter has taught me to be patient.
To be gentle.
To be kind.
To choose my words wisely.
To be more giving with my “I love you” and “I’m sorry.”
To straighten my priorities.
Daphne has taught me how to be a mom.
To research information so I can teach her.
To be forgiving to myself and others.
To keep my eyes open and pay attention to my surroundings.
To be safer in my everyday life.
To love repetition and patience in exerting it.
To be thoughtful and encouraging to fellow moms.
To show compassion to moms who struggle.
Daphne has taught me how to be a better person.

To my sweet one, I love you Daphne. Happy 1st birthday, sweetheart. You mean the world to your dad and me.


2 thoughts on “My sweet one year old daughter.

  1. Her hands are the perfect size for the little books! Thanks for sharing the two photos of the books. She is absolutely adorable!

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