50 Weeks Old


0 years 11 months 16 days
or 11 months 16 days
or 50 weeks 0 days
or 350 days
or 8400 hours
or 504000 minutes
or 30240000 seconds

Changes in appearance:

Daphne is growing! She just *looks* like an older kiddo. I just can’t believe it most of the time. Her hair continues to get thick and grow long. Her knuckle dimples, leg rolls, and puffy baby cheeks are still there.


Each morning Daphne wakes and looks towards the door to find the puppies. She says “puh puh” and looks for them. Her face lights up and she giggles once she finds them. We sit on the porch and listen to the chickens and birds. She adores them. She’ll “bahhh bahh” for a while after seeing them. She likes being chased around the house by daddy and her latest favorite thing to do is to be pushed around the house while sitting inside a laundry basket. Like a race car driver!




Poor thing. We were standing on the porch together and I decided to give the RC car a whirl. I set it on the ground and used the controller to drive it down the porch. Daphne started shaking and began to moan like she was going to cry. I explained what was happening to her and stopped the car, stooping to show her what was going on. She didn’t like it. No more RC cars for now.

New Milestones/Developments:

Daphs continues to wave and give high fives. She also can blow kisses and her latest milestone is that she can feed herself with a spoon. We hand her a spoon and hold the bowl while she dips it and brings the spoon to her mouth. She loves to do things herself when it comes to food. No progress on the walking-front.

What we’re currently “working on:”

Working on becoming more vocal, on walking, and on identifying animals and things around the house.

Favorite Toys:

Her rocking horse! She also likes her new dinosaur book with a puppet attached. Other favorite toys are her books, the soccer ball, her fish and ducky toy, and the floating bathtime toys.

Eating Habits:

We are weaning her from formula and making her diet heavier on solids. We still give her a vitamin daily and are incorporating milk throughout the day. She gets bananas and veggies a lot of the time and we are bringing more proteins into her diet (chicken and beans). She’ll usually eat about 4 times a day and have a bottle around 3 times daily.

Thoughts about the past week:

What a long week. Her top left tooth is coming in so she’s been a little on the sickly and grumpy side. Sam was kind enough to watch her for me this weekend while I participated in a Glow run with a couple of my friends. I had a blast! I’ll post pictures when I can!

Daphne has become an explorer. She likes to crawl around the house following anyone bigger than her. She is a fan of being chased and will often collapse into giggles on the floor.

I sent out invitations for her 1st birthday and am preparing for the party. I just can’t believe it. Really. One year? ALREADY? I am simply amazed that Sam and I have been parents for nearly a year and she has been in our lives that long. Life is wonderful.

My life has been transformed. I have become a mother this year and I feel like I am different person than I used to be. I’m okay with that.


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