48 Weeks Old (11 Months)

0 years 11 months 1 days
or 11 months 1 days
or 47 weeks 5 days
or 334 days
or 8016 hours
or 480960 minutes
or 28857600 seconds

Changes in appearance:

Her hair is filling out. Her hair is still that golden brown/blond/red and not only is it growing longer, but it is growing thicker. Her face is elongating and her cheeks are still big and round. She has a nice size dimple on her right cheek.


Puppies! Her rocking horse and bouncing turtle. She also likes playing with her blocks and knocking them down.


She doesn’t like being alone. She’s become very attached. Battle of the wills shall ensue! As I mentioned before, she is getting more independent with her eating, so she isn’t a fan when I try to feed her.

New Milestones/Developments:

She waves to people in the store, she gives high fives, she is working on peekaboo, and still working on her assisted walking. She stands a lot of the time now. She just needs to get that momentum forward! She often crawls over to the book stack we have and pulls them out to “Read” them. I’m so happy she likes to look at books. I make them as interesting as I can by acting out the books and giving interesting voices to the characters. We’ll have a drama major in no time.

What we’re currently “working on:”

Books, books, and more books. Working on identifying things around the house and I try to get her to say sounds and words.

Favorite Toys:

I put her toys in boxes in her play area. She likes to dig around through the boxes. She still bounces with her singing turtle and giggles with the rocking horse. Blocks are her favorite to knock down. She picks up her play phone a lot and pretends to listen/babble.

Eating Habits:

We have slowly been adding milk into her diet. She wasn’t too sure about it initially but is taking to it well. My heart swells with amazement to see her reaching and grasping food on her tray ever so gingerly. She is just so careful and precise with her finger movements.

She loves peas, rice, bread, banana, green beans, chicken, and potatoes. We introduced beans to her this week. She really liked them! I forgot how much I enjoy beans as well. I just forget about them from time to time.

Thoughts about the past week:

This past week, I was hit with the realization that I now have an 11 month old. ELEVEN MONTHS. Next month she will be a year old. I cannot express how fast this year has passed. She has blossomed before my eyes and I truly feel like I blinked and missed it.

I am filled, as much as ever, with longing for another child. With all my heart, I want a playmate for Daphne and another child to love. I once thought that it would be impossible for me to divide my love between my husband and my baby properly. As a friend once said, love doesn’t divide, rather, it multiplies. Love and joy consumes me each day as I see the joy and newness in my daughter’s eyes.

Sam is an amazing father. He plays a game with Daphne that only he can. He roars loud and puts his arms up in the air like he is going to come down on her. She screams in delight and tries to crawl away. He then goes down and tickles her and chomps on her belly. They repeat after a few seconds of loud pitched screaming, roaring, and giggling. My eyes fill up with tears just watching them.

Speaking of tears, I watched Forrest Gump this week while Daphne napped and I cried at all the sappy scenes. Namely, ” I wish I could have been there.” “You were.”


And so there we have it.

We had a game night over the weekend and had a few friends over. I had a lot of fun playing Settlers of Catan! That will surely be a family game we will play when Daphs gets a bit older.

I’ve been working hard on Daphne’s birthday invites. I’m super excited about her party. Simple is best and that’s what I am shooting for!

Lifting weights and eating healthy has really helped my self esteem and emotional health.

I feel alive. The world has sprouted colors through the thick layer of grey I laid.


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