47 Weeks Old

0 years 10 months 26 days
or 10 months 26 days
or 47 weeks 0 days
or 329 days
or 7896 hours
or 473760 minutes
or 28425600 seconds

Changes in appearance:

I can’t put my finger on exactly what is different, but she looks different to me. Perhaps over the past few weeks little structural changes have occurred and I’m just now realizing it. Kind of like a frog sitting in a cold pot of water and turning the temperature up. Her smile is bigger.


She LOVES dogs. We were at Kohls and she started giggling and waving, saying ‘puh’. Sure enough, there was a poster with a dog above us. She likes books to chomp on as well as to be read.


Bathtime is becoming a challenge. But hey, a baby’s gotta get clean!

New Milestones/Developments:

She waves, gives high fives, and continues to walk with her walker. She’s been teething this past week, her top left tooth.

What we’re currently “working on:”

Giving her more solid foods to tear apart herself, making new sounds, identifying letters and numbers, and of course more reading.

Favorite Toys:

The pups, her soccer ball, the walker, her drum, and doors.

Eating Habits:

Peas, green beans, bread, bananas, applesauce, sweet taters, squash, rice, and formula. We’ve included pasta and bread this week. Starting to incorporate milk into her diet.

Thoughts about the past week:

This past week was pretty good. Daphs struggled with teething and has been a bit moody, but we manage. She gets a kick out of watching the dogs play. We spent some time outside this weekend. She still isn’t too sure about grass. Too prickly maybe.

I am still in awe of how fast time has passed. I feel like we were just bringing her home from the hospital a week ago. I feel so blessed that Daphne is healthy and strong.

Sam and I have been on a weight lifting routine for a week now. Gotta start somewhere! I feel stronger and more positive about life.

My birthday was this past week. The big 2-7. I’m realizing that I’m pretty darn close to 30. Not that it bothers me, really, but I guess I never imagined my life or myself as being 30 years old. Does anyone?

I received a Williams-Sonoma magazine in the mail today and swooned. There are few retail stores where I actually desire to work: Williams Sonoma and World Market. Fun fact about Jenna #263.

Plans for Daphne’s first birthday are underway. Still deciding on a theme. There’s not much to do at a first birthday party except to watch the kiddo smash a cake and fumble with boxes. Her party will be the grandest cake-smashing-cardboard-box-demolishing-party ever. I think.


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