46 Weeks Old

00 years 10 months 19 days
or 10 months 19 days
or 46 weeks 0 days
or 322 days
or 7728 hours
or 463680 minutes
or 27820800 seconds

Changes in appearance:

Thicker hair! She’s put on a few pounds (it feels like). She’s standing, so it’s odd to see her vertically most of the time.


The dogs continue to interest her. She loves playing with the soccer ball and her blocks. She prefers to put the blocks in a container rather than take them out and she prefers to tear down towers of blocks as well. She likes her noisy books.


Bathtime is almost like wrestling an alligator in water. She started crawling around and wanting to stand in the bath. Not cool child, not cool. We gave her a little bit of milk to try and she isn’t too sure about that either.

New Milestones/Developments:

She can give High Fives now. She also prefers to stand up without holding onto things. She has yet to independently stand but it’ll come soon. She is so smart.

What we’re currently “working on:”

Reading each day, transitioning into whole foods that she can pick apart, playing independently, and making more sounds and words.

Favorite Toys:

Books. Her walker. The pups. The phone toy

Eating Habits:

Peas, green beans, bread, bananas, applesauce, sweet taters, squash, rice, and formula. After her ear infection, her appetite returned with a quickness and ferocity.

Thoughts about the past week:

We participated in the Color Run in Augusta Georgia over the weekend with our friends. Daphne’s first 5K! We pushed her in the stroller with a plastic see-through rain cover. She didn’t get a spot of color on her. The drive was scenic, including cotton fields and the side of the road with half our tire on it. We had a tire problem and had to fix it, but it all worked out!

Boy, Daphs is getting heavy. I mourn the loss of the days I could cradle her close and rock her in my arms, you know, when she was 9 pounds. She loves to crawl all over Sam and me when we are on the floor with her. She’ll climb mountains one day!

She’s got at least two teeth coming in at the same time. Her canine and the one next to it. Whew…gonna be a rough week!!


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