45 Weeks Old

0 years 10 months 11 days
or 10 months 11 days
or 44 weeks 6 days
or 314 days
or 7536 hours
or 452160 minutes
or 27129600 seconds

Changes in appearance:

Nothing hugely noticeable this week. She’s just growing bigger and stronger!


She has enjoyed her walker. She pushes it around the living room as much as she can. She’ll make it to one side and wait for me to turn it for her so she can continue down to the other side of the room. She’s been thoroughly enjoying nap time and cuddles this week since she’s been in recovery from an ear infection.


Nothing new this week!

New Milestones/Developments:

We have a play phone that rings. Sam has been working with her on picking it up, putting it to her ear, and talking back into it. I clicked it to ring one time this week and she picked it up and did just that—even tilted her head.

I have a few picture books and have been working with her on identifying fruits/veggies and animals. She pointed to an orange and a tomato when I specifically asked for them and loves hearing me talk about chickens, puppies, cats, and fishes.

As I’ve said, she has been pushing her walking toy around the room. She stands up with ease when holding onto it and enjoys having something to push.

What we’re currently “working on:”

Identifying animals and other things. Pronouncing names. Playing nicely with the pups. Pushing car toys. Building and tearing down the blocks.

Favorite Toys:

Books. Her walker. The pups. The phone toy

Eating Habits:

Peas, rice, sweet taters, squash, fruits, cereal, puffs, and ravioli. She also enjoys bread rolls, chicken, potatoes, and really anything we share with her. She’s not drinking as much formula as she used to. We’ve tried adding a little water and juice into her diet.

Thoughts about the past week:

LONG week with a sick baby. She had been fussy most the week, feverish for part of it, and cuddly/tired the rest of the time. Poor thing. I felt so bad not being able to really help with anything. We spent extra time in the grass crawling around and looking at the trees. She especially paid attention to the birds chirping and the sound of the wind blowing through the grass and leaves.

Daphs is in better spirits. She’s giggling again and enjoying playing with her toys. My sweetheart is back!



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