43 Weeks Old (10 months) – Banging things and loving cheese

0 years 9 months 28 days
or 9 months 28 days
or 42 weeks 6 days
or 300 days
or 7200 hours
or 432000 minutes
or 25920000 seconds

Changes in appearance:

My little Chameleon daughter. Half of the time, she looks like me. The other half, her dad. That’s a good thing, right? Just when I think she’s taking on more physical traits of Sam she surprises me with a look that is totally ME. Still has those gorgeous blue eyes, dirty red/blond/brown hair. She has two teeth.


No changes here. Still loves bath time, the dogs, her blocks, and musical toys! She enjoys watching people. She absorbs everything around her, whether musicians at open mic night or the cars zooming by on the street.


Nothing new.

New Milestones/Developments:

She has been drinking less of her bottle and preferring more solid foods. We tried string cheese with her this week and she loved it. We also tried mini ravioli with her and she ate it like it was nothing. No problems. She’s getting stronger each day and working on standing up on her own. She hasn’t stood up independently but she is working towards that. She lets go of things while she’s standing for a few seconds. She waves at almost anything that moves (and some things that don’t move).

She had been teething for the past week. We had one rough night last week. She was an emotional mess the size of Kansas; She didn’t want to sleep and was blowing snot bubbles in lieu of calming down. I don’t often rock Daphs to sleep, but I did that night. Thankfully, the episode was over within a day. YAY for teething!

What we’re currently “working on:”

Animal noises. Following me reading in her books with her finger, drinking out of a sippy cup, and the usual colors/numbers.

Favorite Toys:

Books! Ducky! Puppies! Fish!

Eating Habits:

Loves peas and rice. She also likes string cheese. She prefers to pick up food herself while eating.

Thoughts about the past week:

I’m glad the week is done. Daphs and I were alone most of the time. Sam did not come home from work until very late each evening, so he wasn’t able to play with or visit with Daphs before she went down for the night. I had become accustomed to a small reprieve in the evening when Sam would return from work. Nonexistent this past week.

I started an at-home workout/lifting routine. I workout while Doodles is napping. I find myself leveling out when it comes to being so stressed about body image (at least for now…we’ll see what tomorrow brings).

Thanks to my wonderful husband’s early birthday present to me, I have an e-reader where I can pick up one of my favorite hobbies. I’ve devoured about 8 books since the kindle was purchased and I crave more. Sometimes, it’s just more convenient to order an e-book than drive on base to the library. In the long run, it would be cheaper to just use the library, but I do enjoy the accessibility of the kindle.

I usually read to Daphs when we hang out together during the day. If I see her playing with her books, I’ll read to her from those books. When she’s crawling around banging blocks on her foot or standing up and bouncing to the music, I’ll read from my books. The cutest thing is when she sits down by herself, grabs a book, and stares at it. She’ll soon after start mumbling and rambling in nonsensical sentences. I love it. Reading to her is paying off. YES!

Today, while I was reading on the couch and Daphs was on the floor playing with her stuffed animals, I had an idea. I got her attention by saying her name. She turned and looked at me, expressionless. I smiled as big as I could and giggled. A smile crept on her face and she giggled. Little love.

Daphne loves to look at herself in my phone’s camera. I often record her just babbling to herself and subsequently play it back to her. Today as I was playing back her own babbling to herself, she stood leaning against me and intensely watched. She giggled when her on-screen self giggled. She babbled back to her own on-screen babbling. Tears welled up in my eyes. I am watching my daughter grow and learn. I am watching her grow up. My heart melts. There is not enough time.

I am encouraging curiosity.

Daphne will be 10 months old in just 3 days!


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