41 Weeks Old – Standing on her own and more words

0 years 9 months 15 days
or 9 months 15 days
or 41 weeks 0 days
or 287 days
or 6888 hours
or 413280 minutes
or 24796800 seconds

Changes in appearance:

Sadly, her hair is starting to lay down on itself. She has more hair, which in turn is heavier, so no more fluffy flyaway hair. She is gaining more weight and her smile gets bigger. She still has the one tooth and has another coming up.


Her blocks. Exploring beneath the desk. Books. Chewing on books. Standing up on the turtle and bouncing. Clapping her hands to music or to other people. The dogs.


Nothing new this week. She’s been pretty well behaved. We have been breaking her of the need to scream when we walk away. I’ve slowly increased the time I step away and step back. She is distracted with toys and I keep talking/singing to her when I step away. It’s important to me that she is able to enjoy time with us and time away from us with little transitional issues.

New Milestones/Developments:

Two days ago, while standing up and holding onto our rocking footstool, she let go to clap. She stood on her own for only about 3 seconds without wavering and then reached back to hold onto the footstool. We couldn’t believe it! She did the same thing again two more times. I encourage her to stand and let go. She’ll be walking soon. I just can’t imagine.

What we’re currently “working on:”

identifying things around the house. Following me with her finger while I read. Colors. Sounds.

Favorite Toys:

Books. Bathtime toys. Blocks. Water bottles.

Eating Habits:

Formula throughout the day. Veggies throughout the day along with puffs. Fruits occasionally. No juice, no water yet.

Thoughts about the past week:

Not a lot going on. Doodles continues to grow proficient at crawling and standing. She prefers to feed herself.

Daphs loves to watch the cars zoom by from our porch and also the rain. She has become more vocal in the past week. She babbles almost constantly. She has become more distinct in her ‘mama’ and ‘dada’.


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