40 Weeks Old – Crawling, Teething, and Screaming

0 years 9 months 8 days
or 9 months 8 days
or 40 weeks 0 days
or 280 days
or 6720 hours
or 403200 minutes
or 24192000 seconds

Changes in appearance:

Daphs continues to grow. She’s gaining weight and her face seems to elongate. She’ll probably have Sam’s hairline and gorgeous hair. She’s getting her second tooth right next to her first: lower front right. Her dimples are becoming more pronounced.


She still loves that stinkin’ plastic spoon I gave her a month or two ago! She especially enjoys her plastic fish toy and romping around on the ground.


Ah yes. This week has been quite an experience. Her initial dislike for being alone on the floor has now turned to tantrums. She doesn’t like being alone on the floor in her play area.

New Milestones/Developments:

She has developed a new scream. This scream is the one that happens when she’s furious that I put her down in her playpen without me. She’s getting her second tooth. She’s starting to let go with one hand while she stands up more often than she’s wibble-wobbling around with both hands holding onto something. She is continuing to wave at things and people and point towards things. She’ll point to the dogs and say “pppph” and kinda make a “ff” sound when we talk to the fish.

What we’re currently “working on:”

Sounds, annunciations, people.

Favorite Toys:

Books. Her fingers. Blocks. Bathtime.

Eating Habits:

Still eating around 30 ounces daily and eating a lot of veggies and fruit. We have not introduced juice into her diet.

Thoughts about the past week:

Been a rough week. I’m thankful to be back to a normal routine here in Charleston. 

Sam and I signed up for a free weeklong membership to the YMCA. I take water aerobic classes while he lifts weights. Daphne is experiencing the childcare offered on site. I was very hesitant to let her go but it has proven to be a good experience so far. 

Doodles is so resilient. I was blowing up balloons for Sam’s birthday decorations while Daphs was next to me. One popped. She looked up at me and I started clapping and saying “Yay!” She kinda shrugged it off and went on playing. I do not want to encourage fear in things like popping balloons and thunder. Sam and I try to make fun out of those kinds of situations. 

She still loves watching the pups play. 

There’s not a whole lot of new stuff happening here. In the near future, we will be upgrading to a convertible car seat to accommodate her growth.

I watched a Katy Perry documentary while Doodles napped a few days ago. Watching one person achieve her goals was quite inspiring!

Sam, Doodles, and I went to open mic night at the Single Smile Cafe again. I sang ‘Poison and Wine’ by The Civil Wars and ‘Hemorrhage’ by Fuel. The cafe wasn’t very busy, compared to the last time I went to open mic a few weeks ago. All the same, we fully enjoyed listening and I loved playing.



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