39 Weeks Old (9 Months)



0 years 9 months 0 days
or 9 months 0 days
or 38 weeks 6 days
or 272 days
or 6528 hours
or 391680 minutes
or 23500800 seconds

Changes in appearance:

Daphs has her first tooth: Her lower left front. Her hair is noticeably more thick and reddish in color. Her eyebrows are more defined than a few weeks ago. Her face is elongating. She is gaining muscle from crawling and standing up everywhere.


We played with a dinosaur ball toy while in Kansas and she took a shining to it. She loved to pick up the balls and take them out of the bowl. She’s more a fan of taking things out than putting things in, I’ve noticed. Kind of like us: we can’t seem to put things away but we can sure get them out for use. Most everything goes into her mouth now. She loves to crawl around by herself and pull herself up onto things.  She likes to be around people. She’s very social. We had visited the Zoo with family and she especially liked watching the penguins.


When she wants to be down on the floor exploring or crawling, she won’t stand to be in our laps. That’s about the only thing I have really noticed. She of course gets cranky when she’s really ready for a nap, but so do I.

New Milestones/Developments:

She hasn’t mastered standing up independently but she has let go of one hand while standing up holding onto something. She’s crawling everywhere and picking up speed. Daphne seems to shine when she’s in a group of people. She takes a very strong interest in other people in playing with them or observing them. She isn’t very shy.

What we’re currently “working on:”

Identifying animals and sounds. Names of people and things around us. Standing independently.

Favorite Toys:

She still loves books.
Anything she can put into her mouth, especially teething toys.
Animals playing

Eating Habits:

She’s eating more real food than formula. These past two weeks have been a bit wonky with our schedule ,but we’ve made do. She picks up finger foods with her left hand most of the time and is very good about grabbing things with her forefinger and thumb.

Thoughts about the past week:

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind. We traveled back to Kansas for a week and a half visit. Many things happened during the trip: Daphne swung on a swing for the first time, she tried Dippin’ Dots, I had a miscarriage, we bought a Dala Horse from the town where I attended school, and we attended a dear friend’s wedding. I was a bit busy while at home and had no real desire to be on the computer, thus, no 38 week update. I think we’ll survive.

While in Kansas, Sam, Daphne, and I visited a lot of my friends and our family. Going through the miscarriage midway through our trip really threw me off emotionally and I unfortunately was out of commission a few days.

I realized at the end of our trip to Kansas that circumstances in my life have been specifically placed to change and mold me into a better person. Isn’t that a good thing? I expect that when I finish unpacking our bags and tidying up the house I’ll devote a post to explaining more. I can say that I’m at the point in my life where I am tired of devoting energy to places and people who make me feel inadequate as a person.

Our trip back to Charleston was quite an adventure. We received two delays on our first flight (The 3 hour flight from Wichita to Atlanta) and an even further delay on our second flight (The 1 hour flight from Atlanta to Charleston). We arrived in Atlanta late in the evening last night and did the runaround to try to secure a hotel room and our flight for the next day. We stayed overnight in Atlanta and flew out the next morning to Charleston. Delta Airlines treated us well, offering the hotel room to us for free (they moved our flights to a different day, they should have compensated a room) and offering $50 in vouchers for food and drink in the airports. We arrived in Charleston this morning and we three are wiped out. 

Life will find a new normal again as we continue to grow and play here in Charleston.



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