37 Weeks Old – Crawling, Standing, and Jabbering

0 years 8 months 17 days
or 8 months 17 days
or 36 weeks 6 days
or 258 days
or 6192 hours
or 371520 minutes
or 22291200 seconds

Changes in appearance:

Holy moly, could I be more excited? I was holding her at the front door and she was smiling open mouthed. I looked down at her gums and saw a small white line on the top of her bottom gum! A TOOTH is about to come through!! Her FIRST TOOTH! I’ve noticed she has become much more drooly lately. She had been tugging at her ears and she woke up at 2am last night (VERY Unusual for her) and cried for a bit. I figured it was a tooth finally coming through.

Her hair continues to thicken and it stays that gorgeous reddish blond color. Eyes as blue as the clearest tropical water. She is DEFINITELY gaining weight…no problems there.


She likes to watch the dogs play. Sitting on the porch and watching the chickens and cars zoom by as well. She also likes squash and playing with her toys. She especially likes picking up books, opening them, and then draping them on her head.


Can’t really think of anything other than her lack of thrill in sitting in our laps for long. She prefers to be walking around on her own or in our arms standing.

New Milestones/Developments:

She pulls herself up onto legs and the couches with ease! She needs no help. She crawls around a lot of the time and also loves to walk around holding our hands.

She’ll have her first tooth in a week or so!

SUPER vocal the past few days, babbling in long sentences and using a wide variety of pitch and “word” length. I love the effect reading has on my daughter.

What we’re currently “working on:”

Shapes. Colors. Names of people and things around the house.

Favorite Toys:

The dogs.
Her bathtime toys (her plastic fish and her plastic balls)
A plastic spatula.

Eating Habits:

Continues to eat about 6-8 ounces every few hours in addition to the solid foods she eats, such as squash, sweet potatoes, peas, chicken, banana, and puffs.

Thoughts about the past week:

Last week was so eventful with her being so eager to start pulling herself up on her own. She keeps me busy and I love watching her learn.

I worked a lot with her on recognizing colors. We also read a lot more than usual this week. I especially enjoy reading in different accents and acting the books out. I’ve memorized the children’s books we have and need a little excitement.

There is so much curiosity and questioning behind Daphne’s eyes. She absorbs information and the world around her as a sponge. She and I especially enjoy discussing the rain and making chicken noises at the flock we have circling our property.

Sam has been such a great help this week. He has helped out with the dishes and laundry, the trash and vacuuming. He is such an amazing help with Daphne especially in the morning. I am spoiled in that he feeds her and changes her when he wakes early before he goes to work and that gives me an extra few hours of sleep. Such a sweetheart.

I have to admit that I’m a bit bummed that time seems to fly by quicker than I think it should. I feel like I don’t have enough time to give to Daphne in a day—and I’m with her 18 hours a day!

I think that unplanned events have a way of surprising us when we need them most. I have been challenged this past week with many moral dilemmas and situations that tested my emotional strength. In some areas where I thought I was strong, I found myself weak. I lost trust in friends. I found myself in a weak spot emotionally but was renewed with the prospect of a new day and a fresh start.

This past week, I have learned that when you think you are giving all you can, you have more to give. Do not be stingy with thanksgiving and praise to others. It could make someone’s day if you speak up rather than keeping silent.

Each person comes into our life for a single reason: To shape us into who we are to become.

I am beginning to see the value in holding on.
I am also seeing the value in letting go.

This next week will challenge me emotionally and I pray I am prepared for it.


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