36 Weeks Old – Clapping, Sniffing, and Trying to Stand

0 years 8 months 10 days
or 8 months 10 days
or 35 weeks 6 days
or 251 days
or 6024 hours
or 361440 minutes
or 21686400 seconds

Changes in appearance:

No teeth yet but I see a little more definition and whiteness behind her gums on the bottom front row. I assume her first teeth will be her bottom two. Her hair is thickening up and slightly wavy. Blue eyes and chubby little hands! She’s putting on weight and muscle!


Still clicks her tongue. She’s taken a liking to clapping and kind of waving her hand. She’ll open and close her fist a few times while holding her arm out. She grabs onto the couches and the gates to try to lift herself up.


We found out this week that she does not enjoy the taste of jarred chicken noodles. She much prefers veggies, fruits, and my chicken and peas.

New Milestones/Developments:

She pulled herself up to almost standing today! She’s been trying so hard to pull herself up onto the couch, the gates, and onto us. She was leaning quite a bit when she pulled herself up and soon after fell down. Almost there!

She loves to clap at anyone and anything.

What we’re currently “working on:”

Shapes, names, and crawling to people.

Favorite Toys:

Musical books.
Her bathtime toys
Her teething toys that are squishy

Eating Habits:

Loves fruits and veggies. Enjoys nibbling off of our plates and had chicken for the first time. She still enjoys puffs. Picks up food with ease and doesn’t just shove her whole fist in her mouth like before, but rather places each bite in her mouth.

Thoughts about the past week:

I forgot to tell you about our encounter with the giant turkey vultures. Daphs and I were sitting on the floor playing and a shadow cast upon the french doors caught my eye. I stood up and looked over in time to watch a turkey vulture soaring down our back yard. It glided and looked gargantuan. I was about to return to the floor with Daphs when I heard a giant KERTHUMP THUMP banging on the house. It wasn’t the front door and it certainly wasn’t the dogs playing.

I snatched Daphs up and we ran to the french doors. I slipped on my shoes in the process and whipped the door open. We looked out and didn’t see anything. I was expecting to see an animal scurrying away on the side of the house or something.

With Daphs on my hip, I skipped down the steps and walked into the back yard a good 20 feet. I turned around to face the house and looked up to see the monster: A giant turkey vulture with its wings outstretched perched on my roof top.

I admit it, I was scared. This thing was huge. Imagine the black grungy wings spread out against the clear blue sky and the bird’s beady eyes staring down at us. Terrifying.

The bird retracted its wings and started pacing the roof like he was wanting to fly off. I clutched Daphs closer, imagining a scene from ‘The Proposal’ where the hawk flies off with the puppy. I’d fight off that vulture with my fists before it was allowed to snatch Doodles from my hands!



Nature. Silly.

Daphs has become a huge fan of crawling all over the place. We have enclosed a large portion of the main living area for safety control. We play and crawl around in there most of the day. The chickens still come up onto the porch and that offers us a great chance to talk about chickens, make noises, and just observe.

Pax has had an allergic reaction and therefore is wearing the cone of shame. Daphne stares at Pax and starts giggling. She finds it funny. Glad to know she’s got our humor.

Daphs still loves to wail and make noises all day. She listens very carefully when I work with her on body parts and naming people. She doesn’t repeat, but I know she’s absorbing information.

Sam is such a good dad. He plays with Doodles, laughs with her, teaches her, and is happy to come home to greet us. He loves Daphs so much–I can see it in his eyes. We are very thankful for all his hard work.

(Picture Sources: http://www.outsideonline.com/adventure-travel/north-america/united-states/north-carolina/How-a-Tiny-Southern-Town-Handles-a-Turkey-Vulture-Invasion.html , http://www.cedarcreek.umn.edu/birds/t17.html , and http://www.sfzoo.org/turkeyvulture )


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