35 Weeks Old – Crawling, Standing, and Running

0 years 8 months 3 days
or 8 months 3 days
or 34 weeks 6 days
or 244 days
or 5856 hours
or 351360 minutes
or 21081600 seconds

Changes in appearance:

She’s sprouting up like a weed. I look at her and don’t see my baby. Her face is elongating, her features are more pronounced. Her hair is growing and curling around her ears. Beautiful blue eyes and big ol’ toothless grin.


Daphne loves to click her tongue. She blows raspberries with no encouragement from Sam or me. She likes to be tipped backwards and come back up again. She laughs when I kiss both of her cheeks rapidly and make nom nom noises. She likes to be on the floor, crawling and bumbling around. She will crawl to the couch and try to stand up, pulling herself up. She is still figuring out to coordinate her legs and arms but she’ll get there soon. She loves to run around the house. I’ll hold her hands and she’ll start walking/running as fast as her legs will let her. She cries out in joy and goes even faster. What a goof.


Now that Doodles knows how to crawl, she doesn’t fuss on the floor like she used to. She doesn’t like the loudness of the vacuum. She really is a curious girl and enjoys most things.

New Milestones/Developments:

What an eventful week. I woke up and was in a bit of a tired/grumpy mood. I was on the floor with Daphs. She turned to me, turned the other way, and proceeded to crawl. Took me by total surprise. No warning, nothing. Started crawling! I perked up and my day got better as I worked with her on it and crawled around the floor with her. Gave her toys to crawl to and encouraged her the whole time.

Since figuring out how to be mobile, she has shown more interest in standing up and pulling herself up onto things/people. I imagine she’ll be pulling herself up on her own very soon.

Noises she makes:
Fffff (sort of)

We also have been patting her mouth while she says “ahhh” and it yields quite a hilarious result. She’ll scream “ahhhhhh” and we’ll pat her mouth and start laughing soon after.

What we’re currently “working on:”

Crawling to me and daddy
Pulling herself up on her own
Numbers, colors, shapes, and letters (vaguely..)
Talking and expanding her vocal talents

Favorite Toys:

LOVES her plastic fish toy.
I gave her a grapefruit to roll around with on the floor. She goes to it each time we play.
Her toy phones “ppppppp”
The dogs and playing fetch or watching them wrestle each other.
Books and musical books.

Eating Habits:

She had her first taste of pickle this week. She is her father’s daughter….loves pickles. Been enjoying banana, squash, sweet tater, bread, puffs, and peas. She eats puffs and food every few hours and bottles with it. Still at 8 ounces a feeding, though she doesn’t seem to finish it all sometimes. Probably is full on other yummy food.

Thoughts about the past week:

Busy week! I felt as I did early in Daphne’s life. She learns something new and my routine and habits change. I remember when we first started solids/purees and I became easily frustrated with myself. I wondered if she’d ever learn and if I was ‘doing it right.’ Now, she’s learning how to crawl and pull herself up, to walk and become independent. It’s quite bittersweet. While she was attempting to pull herself up onto the couch to peer into the mirror I placed there for her, my eyes welled up with tears. She is growing. She’s learning. She’s so beautiful and so smart. I am so thankful for her. She’s changed me and I am so amazed.

Sam worked on the Jeep a lot, so doodles and I used the extra time together to read and play fetch with the puppies. Pax still hovers over Daphne like a mother hen and I imagine when Daphs can run and move around on her own, Pax will be attached to Daphne’s hip.

Sam turned up the music this weekend and he danced with Daphs. I just wanted to start crying. Seeing them bounce around the room and Daphs giggle in delight melted my heart.


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