34 Weeks Old (8months) – Clicking and Trying to Crawl

0 years 7 months 26 days
or 7 months 26 days
or 33 weeks 6 days
or 237 days
or 5688 hours
or 341280 minutes
or 20476800 seconds

Changes in appearance:

She continues to grow hair by hair and grin by grin. No signs of teeth yet. Her hair fills out more every day. She doesn’t look like a baby anymore but rather a small human and mini version of Sam and me. Quite extraordinary.


Daphne clicks her tongue a lot of the time now. She thinks it is fun. She’ll also blow raspberries but we do not encourage it. She likes to spend all of her time near Sam or me. She likes all varieties of food and picking up chunks of bread, veggies, or puffs. Bathtime is still one of the most enjoyable times of the night for her. She could be getting teary eyed and ready for bed but once she sits in the bubbly water, she’s a mermaid. She specifically likes playing with a plastic fish toy. Daphs truly enjoys being outside. We sit on the front porch or the steps and she gleefully stares at every moving thing. She pays close attention to fighting birds or the chickens that cluck by.


Daphs has gotten into a routine where she’ll get upset that she’s playing by herself on the floor, wiggle to me, crawl up on my legs, and then fret once she is in my lap. I set her down on the ground and the whole process repeats.

New Milestones/Developments:

Daphs continues to work on crawling. She has not figured out the coordination between arms and legs. She still props up on all fours and rocks back and forth. She also continues to pull herself up onto us. She grasps toys with ease and bangs blocks together.

Sam or I will build a tower of blocks and she will sit in front of it. She will reach slowly for the tower and then excitedly pull her arms back into her body and giggle.

No sign of teeth coming through.

What we’re currently “working on:”

Crawling and walking.
Identifying animals around the house.
Singing and playing piano.
Associating the word ‘potty’ with instances she fills her diaper.

Favorite Toys:

A plastic ribbed fish toy we use in the tub.
Her stuffed fox and sock monkey.
Crab rattle and key links.

Eating Habits:

Enjoys banana, carrots, squash, and sweet tater. She enjoys puffs as well. She’ll often eat every few hours and have a bottle in between.

Thoughts about the past week:

Daphs is…*sigh*…growing up. She is becoming independent and developing such a personality.

Sam put her on his shoulders yesterday and chased Pax around the house. I had just finished bathing Pax and was ready to do the same with Ash. Daphs giggled loudly in delight as they trotted through the house. One of the best sounds in the world is to hear Daphne laugh—truly laugh from her belly.

While Sam was working on the Jeep a few days ago, I strapped some sandals on Daphne and we walked through the grass together. She is unsure of her feelings about grass. She’ll pluck it from the dirt and stare at it between her chubby little fingers. She’ll then drop it and become preoccupied with another blade or two of grass nearby.

If I ever need a bit of cheering up, I’ll face my camera phone towards her and show Daphs her face. She’ll smile like there’s no tomorrow and try to eat the phone. Such a funny girl.

Life in our home is never boring. Daphs and I clean house together, bake, practice piano and sing together, and love reading. We feed the chickens. We play ‘itsy bitsy spider.’ My life has changed so much and I am so grateful for the change.

Been pondering 1st birthday party themes. Nothing grande or excessive, but something memorable.

Life continues to move forward. Time seems to get faster and speed up. I am so thankful for Sam and his love, vision, and humor. He keeps me sane. Daphne keeps me young and spry. My gracious. I have an 8 month old. Someone pinch me.


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