Succulent Terrarium DIY

I pretend to have a green thumb. I eagerly wasted invested money in wire hanging flower planters. My plants died after a few weeks. I attribute this to bad soil, mind you, not lack of care. My other plants are thriving in hanging pots and my indoor plants are surviving (philodendron *cough cough*). I peer out my back window and sigh. I imagine what could be: Rows of sunflowers reaching towards the puffy white sky and blue backdrop, corn stalks as high as an elephant’s eye, and tomato planters teeming in wondrous rows of green and red splashes of color. I then sigh more. Is it the lack or work and effort? Is it the initial investment of creating a garden? What is it stopping me from becoming the founder of my own outdoor oasis?

When I figure out the answer, I’ll let ya know.

Last night I got a bug up my britches (as bugs often do) to create a centerpiece for my dining room table. TERRARIUM! Why not?! A mini garden! Inside! Words like ‘manageable’ and ‘controlled environment’ come to mind. I bring you a naptime project! While my darling 8 month old naps, I have time to tackle a short project. My last project was creating owl and fox stuffed animals. I even painted a few pictures a couple of days ago while she napped.

Yesterday’s terrarium project was completed in little over half an hour–plenty of time to finish while your little one snoozes.

I had three glass jars of varying heights and an idea in my head. Time to get to work.

The succulents were $4.00 each at Lowes. I purchased 6, totaling $24.

For lack of rocks around my house (how can it be?!) I purchased pretty black river rocks in addition to moss and potting soil. All together my investment ran us close to $45, excluding the jars I had stuffed away in a cabinet.

Layers from the bottom up:
Aquarium rocks.
Potting Soil.
Potting Soil.

I added a few seashells from our recent trip to Edisto Beach for a distinguished bit of fun.

Believe me when I say that if I had GI Joes or little figurines, I’d create a mini-scene inside these guys, like this onethis one–or even this one.

In other news…My daughter is ridiculously awesome.


2 thoughts on “Succulent Terrarium DIY

  1. Hi Jenna! It’s Erica… I’ve been trying to message you on Facebook, but I keep getting a strange error message. I would love your address so I can send you a thank you card for the AMAZING gift you sent!! 🙂 (It’s our favorite outfit that we’ve gotten for him – can’t wait to put it on him!!) That was SO sweet of you & your husband, and we just can’t thank you enough!! You can email me at if Facebook messaging isn’t working… Hope to hear from ya soon! 🙂

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