33 Weeks Old- Starting to Crawl.

0 years 7 months 19 days
or 7 months 19 days
or 32 weeks 6 days
or 230 days
or 5520 hours
or 331200 minutes
or 19872000 seconds

Changes in appearance:

Daphne grows more beautiful in our eyes daily. She is expressing herself more with her eyes and vocally. Her hair is getting thicker and growing longer, still a lovely light red/brown/blond shade. Eyes still stunning blue. She’s building more strength in her chubby little arms and legs. She smiles bigger.


Sniffing in and out. Play coughing. Saying “ahhhhhhh” while shaking her hand in front of her mouth to give a ‘ah-Ah-Ah-ah” effect. She likes the sound of running water and taking baths. She likes to watch the pups play. She likes to pound on the piano and kick when she’s on her back.

She likes it when we do airplane. I’ll lay on my back and lift up my knees and rest her on my shins and kind of pump them up and down with her laying on them. She thinks it’s hilarious. She also loves it when we “nom nom nom” at her neck or tummy, erupting into giggles.


She isn’t sure of the harmonica or of Ash when he howls at it. She was unsure of the loud bangs of the fireworks on the 4th of July.

New Milestones/Developments:

She has made leaps and bounds this week! I still can’t believe it. She is able to go from laying on her back, to tummy, to pushing herself up onto her knees and hands, and then to sitting upright. In reverse too. She’s all over the place. I place her on the floor with her toys and jog to the kitchen to grab my water and I return to see her moved 3 feet away. What a little mover! I keep telling Sam she’ll be crawling in a week or two. Even from just 2 days ago when she started getting up onto her knees, she’s made so much progress and is excelling. She does this more frequently and unassisted.

She’s even starting to pull herself up onto me. I lay on the floor while she plays and I read aloud to her. She often will stop what she’s doing and kind of wiggle over to me where she’ll sit up next to me, grab onto my back and start pulling herself up. She is still wobbly, but give her a few days and she’ll be standing up on her own in no time.

When she laughs and gets going, she’ll pull her right hand up to her mouth and shove her fingers into her mouth. It’s reflex. She laughs and she pulls her fist to her mouth. Goof.

I never thought I’d be so eager to look at gums, willing those little teeth to show up. She’s got no signs of teeth coming in or through yet. SOON!

What we’re currently “working on:”

Crawling. Walking. I often walk around the house holding her hands. She likes to walk. She’ll get excited when she sees the dogs or Sam and will excitedly kick out her feet, which leads to her almost running. She loves to walk.

Working on widening her diet. Incorporating more solids and ‘real’ foods as opposed to cereals.

Working on identifying people and things around the house. We often describe Pax and Ash as Puppy-ruff ruff.

Identifying colors, textures, and shapes as well.

Daphne doesn’t really hold onto us when we hold her. She just hangs out and sits on our hips or in our laps. This means we have to watch her extra carefully as she’ll tip back and not think a thing of it. I often play with her and tip her back to teach her to hold on to me. I also make sure it is her doing the pulling up and grabbing on after diaper changes so she builds strength and confidence to stand on her own.

Sleeping Habits:

Bedtime is between 8-9. Wakes to eat around 6. Wakes for the day around 8. Two to three naps during the day.

Eating Habits:

Enjoys grabbing puffs and food pieces and munching on them. Takes a few tries to make it from plate to mouth, as some gets dropped onto her lap or given to the eager dogs below. LOVES squash, green beans, peas, and apple-blueberry sauce.

Thoughts about the past week:

The 4th of July was a good day for us. We had some friends come over in the morning and then more in the evening time. We grilled and enjoyed spending time together shooting fireworks and hanging out on the porch. My friend’s baby is a few months younger than Doodles and both were a bit unsure about the crackles and bangs of the fireworks. In one of the pictures above is Daphne with Kole, enjoying time playing on the floor!

As I mentioned before, this week has been an explosion of growth. She’s moving more and working so hard to trying to crawl and pull herself up. She continues to be vocal and loves to bang on things. She becomes enthralled with the tiniest of details—a strand of my hair on my shoulder, the fuzzy ball at the end of a plush ladybug’s antenna, and so forth.

She is growing up way too fast. I cuddle with her as often as I can and am always telling her how beautiful she is and how much I love her. My mind wanders to the future where I wonder how to keep a crawling baby entertained and how I will need to really start baby-proofing the TV area and computer desk. Such a vast new world awaits a crawling baby.

Daphne received a lot of gifts this week! She received a few pinwheels for the 4th of July from her Grandpa and Grandma Weaver and she received some new diaper covers and books from her Grandma Neaderhiser, and she also was given some fun new books from her great Aunt Donna.

We are eager to come back to Kansas for a short visit as Sam is a part of his best friend’s wedding. This will be Daphne’s 3rd trip on a plane. Wish I flew that much before I was a year old! I don’t really worry about the plane ride. There will be so many sights to see and she will be able to crawl between our laps. She’ll do great.

I’m working to find a balance in my life with all the different pressures I put on myself. The pressure to push Daphne to reach her milestones is not an issue. She’ll do that in her own time. Having a clean(ish) home, maintaining a healthy workout routine, finding time for my own hobbies and enrichment, and finding precious time to spend with Sam to keep our marriage fun are just a few things that consume my time and thoughts. All comes with the territory of learning to juggle all the responsibilities of being a stay at home mom, methinks.


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