Ugly Stuffed Animal Project, Owls and Foxes

There I was, bored and avoiding laundry duty.

Daphne had just went down for a precious nap.

I got a bug in my pants to tackle a simple sewing project while she was asleep.

What better than to tackle a stuffed animal or small pillow?!

Checking out this site for reference, I whipped up a pattern of my own and made a few animals.

The first one I made started out as an owl and then somehow transformed into a weird horned thing. Meh. Perhaps if I sewed eyes on it, it would look better. The second mini-project I completed were two foxes. The first is simple, the second I elaborated upon the original design I made.

I shredded an old pillow we had laying in the closet and used that for filling.

Woo hoo! Took me only about an hour and a half for all 4 animals. Small project. Very easy for a beginner sewing project.

Instructions are:

Cut out body shape, arms and legs, 2 of each. 

Turn them so the correct/right sides are together and wrong sides outwards. 

Sew around them, leaving an open gap to insert filling/stuffing.

Turn them inside out, so the correct pattern side is facing outwards.

Fill with stuffing.

Close up gaps.

Sew together. 

Picture tutorial to follow:

Thus completes the owl/ horned monster tutorial.

I have no interest in sewing eyes (could use buttons…) or any other adornment on these little guys. Next time, I’ll prepare more and create eyes before I sew it all together.


Fox Stuffed Animal!



And there are the foxes.

The first fox was simple. The only alteration I made between the owls and the foxes was the shape (obviously) and how I attached the appendages. I placed the finished tail inside the pieces before I sewed them together correct sides inwards, as you can see me referring to in one of the pictures by pointing.It worked out quite well.

Such a fun project. I look forward to making more and even teaching Daphs how to make simple ones in the future!



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