32 Weeks Old

0 years 7 months 13 days
or 7 months 13 days
or 32 weeks 0 days
or 224 days
or 5376 hours
or 322560 minutes
or 19353600 seconds

Changes in appearance:

More hair on her head! No teeth. She’s got adorable chubby arms and legs. She smiles bigger now, almost with her whole face. I became aware of just how long and heavy she is getting. She’s growing! She’s no longer that little newborn I remember bringing home from the hospital.


She still loves looking in the mirror. She loves having her picture taken. She likes puffs, sweet taters, pears, and carrots. She also enjoys her musical toys now a lot more than she used to. She likes snuggling and helping me with chores around the house.


Nothing new this week. She became upset with me a few times but that was my own fault for not reading her hunger cues sooner.

New Milestones/Developments

She is able and capable of rolling all over the floor, propping herself up on her hands, and even getting up onto her knees and hands. She pushes herself up into a plank position and freezes. I encourage her to rock back and forth on her knees and she does it on her own. We’re working with her on walking, standing and lifting herself up on her own.

She’s speaking ‘da’ and ‘da-daaaaaaaaaa’ quite frequently, but she babbles and uses pitch quite effectively to get her jumbled point across, whatever it is.

While watching the rain today, I noticed her clinging to me and burying her face in my shoulder. To remedy this, we sat down and I pointed out the rain drops falling and we listened to the thunder and the loud noises the rain made while falling. I  faced her outwards so she could watch it and she was enjoying it then.

What we’re currently “working on:”

Crawling, walking, identifying words and colors (She just stares at me while I describe everything. Meh. One day it’ll stick).

We continue to practice piano and build with blocks.

Sleeping Habits:

Bedtime is between 8-9. Wakes to eat around 6. Wakes for the day around 8. Two to three naps during the day.

Eating Habits:

Loves sweet taters, pears, carrots, and peas. She grabs and eats puffs on her own.

Thoughts about the past week:

Good week! We wen to the beach for a going away dinner for a friend. Daphs was such a good baby, absorbing all the sights and sounds. I am so thankful that she affords us calm outings.

We continue to read together multiple times a day. I read to her, show her pictures, and let her handle the books. She sometimes babbles with me as I read and other times just plays on her tummy or sitting up while I act out the book. No TV for us. I like it that way. I prefer having that interaction with her. I noticed when we’d put her in her bouncer for half an hour before our bedtime routine, she’d just zone out. I didn’t like zombie-baby. The world is too big and too wonderful to be so enthralled with television so young.

I’ve packed away all her 3-6 month old clothing as they were fitting snugly on her. I just couldn’t believe how much time has passed. She’s already 7 months old. Wow. It feels as if she’s been with us all along.

We’ve no plans for the 4th of July and that’s okay with me. The beaches have already become swarmed with visitors and vacationers. I don’t particularly want to go mingle among them.

Sam gets a 4 day weekend, so we sure will enjoy that!

Upon hearing a song made by Miley Cyrus, I felt so moved that I wrote her a letter. I think one of my favorite parts about being a new mom is that it affords me opportunity for personal growth. My priorities have shifted. My long term outlook has widened and sharpened. I think of things in a rounded manner as to how they affect me and my family. I always heard that becoming a parent would change me but I never realized how true and *awesome* that is. 



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