How Having a Baby has Changed Me.

1. I sympathize with mother’s who have screaming newborns in stores and restaurants.

2. I am calmer.

3. I have changed my daily habits of watching movies, lounging around, and going out perusing stores.

4. I feel whole, better rounded as a person.

5. I have stretch marks on my hips. My abs aren’t tight like they used to be. My body shape has changed, thus, clothes don’t fit the same. Placing attention on the attributes that *really* matter far exceed the need to look ‘pretty,’ though it still is important to take care of myself and be sexy for man-husband.

6. I am more generous with my time towards others.

7. Peeing is restricted solely to the hours of 10am-12pm, 3-5pm, and past 9pm (Naptime and bedtime).

8. I laugh more and am silly more often.

9. The need to organize is becoming second nature to me. So is the want to gather materials for homeschooling.

10. Spontaneous trips and outings are a rarity. With that being said, each outing takes at least 15 minutes for which to prepare, including changing diaper, putting on fresh and presentable clothing (for both baby and momma), strapping in car seat, prepping bottles and snacks, packing bag, finding keys, grabbing diaper bag, losing keys, console baby in carseat, find keys, and to finally…. leave.

11. Wanting to be more supportive and encouraging to new moms and expectant mothers.

12. Being the bearer of baby-cuteness to grocery store aisles all across America. Brings smiles to the faces of other shoppers and workers.

13. Attention being placed on baby rather than me, and I like it.

14. Topics of personal research have changed to include such things as teething, baby development and growth, and money management for kids.

15. My heart has softened to child related books, movies, and real life circumstances. I can barely read or listen to a story involving neglect or abuse of a child without arising feelings of anger or sorrow.

16. I’ve realized the strength it takes for a parent to let a baby go to a babysitter. I’m not yet at the point where I feel comfortable doing so. It’s a scary thing.

17. Birthday Parties have a new definition and purpose. BRING ON THE GLITTER AND CRAZY THEMES!

18. I am eager to alter negative traits about myself so as to be a better example and role model to Daphs.

19. Have accepted new roles in the family, such as nurse, comedienne, entertainer, safety officer, one handed juggler, and nutritionist.

20. Feeling complete and fulfilled as a person. I feel honored to maintain my roles as wife and mother. I am needed and wanted by my family and am filled with joy daily from that realization.

21. I am more curious.

22. I am eager to get back to the basics of learning. I anticipate questions like “Why is the sky blue?” and “Why does it rain?” and look forward to re-discovering basic answers.

23. I put another person’s needs before my own. Daphs and I went outside last night to gather the chickens. There were mosquitoes the size of finches flying around. Before I swatted them away from myself, I made sure Daphs was clear of them. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like killing mosquitoes off of someone else before yourself.

24. I’m freed from the guilt of having to be perfect.

25. Instead of just having to tiptoe around dogs, I now have to tiptoe as to avoid blocks, dolls, noisy toys, and other hazardous baby items hangin’ out in our living room. The triangle block seems to be drawn to the bottom of my feet.


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