The sun shines out of my baby’s butt.

So there I was , meandering around the house. It was late. I was ready for bed.

I finished up last minute chores and checked on Daphs one last time.

I walked down our hall and stood at her door. Grabbing the doorknob, I knew I must be extra stealthy. If I failed, she’d wake up and want to play (not that I don’t want to play with her at 1am…but I don’t). Her nursery door creaks loudly and makes all sorts of woody screams when touched. I press my left hand against the door on the left and slowly turn the knob on the right.
Silent entry. WHEW!
I peer in and see that she is still fast asleep.

I tiptoe to her crib and lean over to check on her–making sure she’s safe and sleeping sound. She is sleeping contorted half on her side and half on her front. Her mouth is ungracefully open and cheeks puffed out like a stuffed hamster.

I just stare at her beauty and tears well up in my eyes. What a wonderful little human. I was filled with so much love and joy in that moment. If you wake up in the morning to a bright light outside your window, it’s because that light shines from my daughter’s butt.

I’m so proud of her. She’s not even a year old but I’m so darn proud to be her mom.

Humans are bound to make mistakes. We let each other down. We can build each other up. I am sure there are things that Sam and I will do as parents that embarrass her.

For the time being—I am a new mom freshly planted in the ground. I’m growing daily and it’s all because of Daphne’s bright butt light.


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