Routine with a 7 month old.

My little sidekick and I have been enjoying a set routine this week and routine seems to be fitting us well.

I get up and put my eyes on. I grab some coffee or tea and read my bible.

Time for as much house cleaning as I can get done before Daphs wakes up (usually about an hour to an hour and a half).

Daphs hangs out in her high chair while I place puffs in front of her and *kind of* feed her veggies and cereal. She’ll pick at the puffs and grab the spoon every now and again. I’ll repeat “puffs,” or “spoon,” and a “more please, and thank you,” every few minutes.

After she’s covered herself in mashed up bananas and peas, I fish out cold food goo from her ear and between her fingers.


She’ll play in the tub for a good 20 minutes with me splashing and wrangling the toys from swimming away from her.


We both sit on the floor and she’ll alternate from playing on her tummy, her back, and her bum. We’ll sing. I’ll clank blocks together and stack them up. She’ll pick up all her toys and put them back down again. She’ll gnaw on half of them and stare at the rest.

I read to her when she gets antsy. I read story books and picture books. When she’s really intent on playing with her toys, I’ll read out loud from my own book I’m absorbing right now (Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell).

Soon, she’ll lose steam and start staring off into space and fixating on a picture on the wall. Time for a nap.

She’ll nap for about an hour – 2 hrs depending on how tired she is.

We basically repeat this whole process 2 more times until Sam gets home. This routine works well for us! We get our reading in, playtime, tummytime, and a few baths!


3 thoughts on “Routine with a 7 month old.

  1. So jealous! I have absolutely no routine with my baby yet 😦 I know she’s only a month inks but I feel like I’m doing something wrong. My challenge is that she won’t sleep alone. As soon as I place her anywhere like her bassinet she snaps! Did you have this issue too? If so, how did you manage?

    1. Hm. Have you tried using a white noise stuffed animal? I found that getting a vibrating toy and putting it next to her helped calm her down when she’d go in her bassinet alone for naps and at night. We just took the vibrating night lite that came with the pack and play and put it in her bassinet. Maybe that will help? You could also try a swing. Maybe she likes movement!

      As an encouragement, it will get easier. Best of luck!!

  2. Thanks for the tip ( and the encouragement haha). I will certainly give it a try! I just feel like my entires day and nights are about rocking her. The house is a mess, piles of laundry. It’s tough !

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