The Bedtime Story Jar


A week or so ago, I had picked up a few books from the base library. One of them was Nursery Rhyme Comics. I *highly* recommend that you check this one out. Different artists illustrate each rhyme. Awesome.

Anyway. Daphs enjoyed it a while back and last night I asked Sam to read to her before bed.

I heard Sam enthusiastically reading each rhyme to her. He would use different voices. His pitch would fluctuate along with the rhyming plot. He’d point out animals and people in the book. Daphs eagerly followed and stayed attentive.

I think the moments before bedtime are some of the best in the whole day.

I’ve made up a few stories in the past and sometimes found myself getting stuck for ideas. I soon had this conversation with myself:

“Geez. Use your imagination! She doesn’t know that cows aren’t purple and that the sky isn’t made of marshmallow fluff. Go crazy! Wait…I’m tired of talking about princesses and talking animals. Why can’t I made a bedtime story jar and have a pick your own hero, plot, location, and problem? Kind of like a an improv sketch? Yea! I’ll do that! I’ll never run out of things to talk about that way. It’ll be like a mad lib creation that Daphs gets to help create when she is older.”

So. Thus was born the bedtime story jar idea. You can thank me later. Workouts and date ideas have been done in the past, but why not an improvised bedtime story? Maybe I’ll even throw a goofy bag with props like fake mustaches, hats, silly glasses, or other things like that. Could add to the story.

I hope to pick up some Popsicle sticks today, get them painted, and write ideas on them.

Either way, I hope to make many more memories before bedtime with crazy stories.

I love my little family.


4 thoughts on “The Bedtime Story Jar

  1. I love the jar idea! I’ve seen that for a few other things but never for bedtime stories. I can’t wait to see your finished product! Are you going to put it on Pinterest?

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