Bedtime Story Jars Tutorial (With Pictures)

Easy Peasy. I’m cheap, so I didn’t run to the store to buy sticks or jars. Instead, I used what I had on hand. You could use plastic cups, wide mouthed jars, popsicle sticks or even just cut up pieces of heavyweight paper (like me). You can make this as fancy or simple as you want.

  • Find Jars (at least 5). I used some Ikea containers I had bought previously but hadn’t committed to anything.
  • Cut up lots of paper, use popsicle sticks, or straws. Whatever you have on hand. You *could paint the popsicle sticks or print off cute little pieces of paper.
  • Write on your media of choice in at least 5 different categories (I did 6).

Person (optional, but this one could be personal. Name grandma/grandpa, pets, siblings, mama or dad)

The story then will go as follows:
The (adj) (noun) (verb) to the (place) with (person) because (event). 

For example, as shown in one of my pictures below:
The (polka dot) (octopus) (touched its nose all the way) to (Candyland) because (it was being chased by robots).

How’s that for a story? You could easily have older kids pick the papers themselves. It’s an ever changing story.

There you have it. Bedtime Story Jars.


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