28 Weeks Old

DSC_0622 DSC_0657

0 years 6 months 16 days
or 6 months 16 days
or 28 weeks 0 days
or 196 days
or 4704 hours
or 282240 minutes
or 16934400 seconds

(thanks to calculator.net)

Changes in appearance:

She’s been putting on more weight! Her hair is growing thicker and longer. Eyes still blue. No teeth popping through yet. She still has those darling dimples on her knuckles.


She enjoys watching men make goofy faces. Our friend Nick usually makes silly faces at her and a smile is guaranteed to creep on her face. She also really enjoys my phone and taking pictures of herself. I turned the screen so she could see herself in the picture and she just started smiling….what a goof.




She doesn’t like being woken from a nap. She’ll kind of shake a bit and look around scared and cry for a few seconds.

New Milestones/Developments

Daphs really enjoys standing. She is content on her belly most of the time she’s there. She is figuring out how to prop up her legs and get up into a plank position. I’ve found her up on her elbows multiple times when I’ve come to take her from her nap. She turns circles in the crib on her back and when on her tummy will scoot (sort of…) backwards.

Worries with Milestones/Developments:

Daphs is doing alright eating pureed foods. I would like to pick up some of those baby puffs I’ve heard a lot about and see if she has any interest in eating them. We introduced Peas this week and she enjoys them very much! SUCH a mess!

Sleeping Habits:

Bedtime shortly after 9pm. She’ll wake between 4-6 for a bottle.She’ll wake for the day closer to 8am. Naps mid morning, early afternoon, and close to 6/7pm. Cars make her sleepy as well.

Eating Habits:

She doesn’t eat a lot from the bottle, as she gets full on the pureed veggies I’m  making for her. She’ll eat every few hours and BOY she gets messy!

Thoughts about the past week:

Sam and I have been taking pictures of Daphs a lot this week. I’ve been trying to focus on QUALITY over QUANTITY when it comes to photos of Daphs.

From multiple sources, we’ve heard that we should enter Daphne in modeling jobs or photo contests. At the core, I am hesitant to do those sort of things and get in that life. Every mom thinks they have the cutest baby in the world, you know? I feel odd capitalizing on her gummy smile. I cherish it.

I’m so thankful for such a handy husband. He built a few gates in the back yard to keep out strangers and people on 4wheelers. He also built a platform for our bed. I know he is excited to teach Daphne the tricks of the trade.

I made a few more pies this week. I enjoy baking. I got out of the swing of baking while I was pregnant with Daphs (mainly because I was too nauseated to do much of anything).

We did a lot of reading this week. We read about the rainforest, the ocean and all of its properties, and also read some nursery rhymes.

I’m so thankful for my family. Truly.


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