27 Weeks Old (6mo + 1wk)

0 years 6 months 8 days
or 6 months 8 days
or 26 weeks 6 days
or 188 days
or 4512 hours
or 270720 minutes
or 16243200 seconds

(thanks to calculator.net)

Changes in appearance:

She’s my little chameleon. Most of the time she holds Sam’s facial expressions: Naturally squinted eyes, furrowed brow, serious face. Sometimes, my expressions shine through. When she smiles, her eyes light up and she smiles really big with that darling gummy smile that melts my heart!

Blue eyes. Her hair is getting thicker! She still has a reddish blond hair color. Her stork bite between her eyes seems to be more pronounced as of late.


She ADORES Itsy Bitsy Spider. I haven’t noticed that she likes Wheels on the Bus as much. I tell her stories and describe items around the house and she is just so enthralled. She’ll even giggle at me sometimes. She likes watching the pups play. She also enjoys hooking her finger on the side of her mouth. She’s a drool monster. She is also liking to make noises!

She also really likes the water and bathtime!

She loves the puppets from Baby Einstein.


She doesn’t like the blender. I make my smoothies and she will curl into me, dig her head into my shoulder and peer over to it.

New Milestones/Developments

She is babbling constantly. She hasn’t really said her *first word* repeatedly, but she has muttered ‘mama’ and ‘mommy’. We are still working on dada and daddy.

She wakes up from her naps and bedtime by rolling onto her stomach and propping herself up with her arms. She’s getting more mobile! She’s still trying to figure out crawling but I don’t think it will be long.

She’s eating pureed foods like a champ!

She rolls from her front to her back and from back to front with a little assistance.

She’s started shaking rattles and banging blocks together. She also is eager to pull herself up from a laying down position to sitting up. She then is eager to pull herself up to standing when she’s sitting.

Worries with Milestones/Developments:

She still needs help holding her bottle while she sits up, but that’s not an issue. I notice that she doesn’t really explore with her hands. Sam believes this is because she is busy absorbing information and observing. It’s not like she doesn’t touch anything around her, but she is really content just hanging out and observing things.

Sleeping Habits:

Bedtime is at LEAST 9pm, not usually earlier. She will sleep through the night. She eats a bottle around 6/6:30am and goes back (sometimes) for another hour. She will nap about 2 times a day in the late morning and mid afternoon.

Eating Habits:

She is still eating about 6 ounces every 2 or 3 hours, but sometimes will skip a meal and then be ravenous for 10 ounces the next meal. She is eating pureed foods that I prepare for her. She eats sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas, and mixed veggies. I look forward to introducing green beans and peas to her soon. She eats oatmeal as well, though I hope to get her on some rice cereal in addition to that.

We usually feed her in the bumbo chair. She sometimes helps by holding the spoon while I feed her.

Thoughts about the past week:

This week has been great Sam was home from work for the long weekend. We spent a lot of time together, which always makes me happy.

Last night, we ran our jacuzzi tub full of water and I had Sam jump in there in his trunks. We had Daphs swim around in there a while. She was apprehensive at first just because she hasn’t been in that much water before, but she soon got over her fear! We switched between having her float on her back and laying on her stomach. By the end of the half hour, she was kicking up a storm in the water on her stomach and back!! We would place a toy at the far side of the tub and She would kick and splash to get over to the toy. Cause and effect!

I walked into our room to get her up from her nap and I saw that she had rolled onto her tummy and was propping herself up, looking around. I couldn’t believe it! I just laughed. What a stinker. For a little girl who doesn’t *really* like tummy time, she was sure happy to be up on her hands. I woke up to her in the same position this morning. I really just cannot believe how quickly Daphne is growing up. She absorbs so much information and is such a sweetheart. It’s really quite rare that she cries anymore. She still does when she’s really tired, but for the most part she is a happy and content baby!

While she naps, I have time to clean the house and work on my quilting projects.

Also, my husband found a turtle and we added another to our family! We now have the turtle (I call him Frank) and a goldfish named Rinzler.


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